About Us

Hi, first of all, welcome to our site and thank you for visiting us.  We are a team of 5 people that operate in the same name. “Micheal”. All of us had different blogs that we decided to combine and make this one big blog about every tool in the market.

All of us were ex-paint sprayers, had our own shop, etc. We decided to make this blog to share our knowledge about tools with others. We know a lot about different tools since we have used different tools daily.

We also earn money with this via commissions, that helps us to maintain our website and pay for hosting and different stuff that you need on your website.

Sometimes when we don’t have much information about one tool, we ask our old friends that have enough experience to write a post about the best models of that tool. So, some posts are written by us and some from our experienced friends that still own their shops.

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