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Cordless paint sprayers are new. They haven’t been around for a long time, but they do a great job. Actually, I think in a few years everyone will use the cordless paint sprayers instead of the normal ones. But, since they are new to the market choosing one can be hard.

That’s why we have decided to make a list of the best cordless paint sprayers. The list has different sprayers that come with different features.

We will try our best to explain what these features do and how can they help you. To help you make a better choice we have also made a buyer’s guide where we have listed the thing you need to focus on while choosing a cordless sprayer.

Best Cordless Paint Sprayers

1. Graco 17M367 – Best Battery Powered Paint Sprayer

Best Features  Graco Ultra Max...

  • Perfect Size
  • Flammable Materials
  • Pistol Pump

My Overall Rating

5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)

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When it comes to cordless paint sprayers, Graco is a very known brand. The Graco 17M367 is a small yet powerful tool. This sprayer is very comfortable, it fits into your hands and allows you to move around easier.

The weight also helps a lot, it only weighs 0.16 ounces. You will be able to work longer hours without fatigue due to these two things.

Beyond that, the tool is very easy to use. Since it is a cordless paint sprayer, you don’t need a compressor or extension cords near you. You can just fill the paint and start spraying.  This sprayer uses 32 oz. paint bags. I like the paint bags because they are easy to clean and fill.

What makes this sprayer special in comparison to the other sprayers listed here is that it can spray flammable materials. But, due to this feature, the price of the sprayer is higher.

When it comes to the battery life — this sprayer uses DEWALT XR Lithium Ion battery. A very known battery that is used on a lost of cordless tools.


  • Perfect Size – The sprayer is very comfortable and fits your hands.
  • DEWALT XR Lithium Ion – Provides a longer battery life.
  • Lightweight – The sprayer is very lightweight. It only weighs 0.16 ounces.
  • Paint Bags – It uses 32oz. paint bags.
  • Flammable Materials – It can spray flammable materials.


  • Pricey

2. Graco 17M363 – Best Battery-operated Paint Sprayer

Best Features  Graco Ultra...

  • Triax Pump
  • FlexLiner Bag
  • Adjustable

My Overall Rating

5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)

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As I said before, Graco is a very known brand for paint sprayers. The next sprayer in our list is the Graco 17M363. The main difference between this and the first sprayer is that this one can’t spray flammable materials. Because of that, this sprayer costs less than the first one.

This battery paint sprayer comes with X FFLP tip ( that works on every Graco model ), a Triax pistol pump, and a paint bag. The FlexLiner bag allows this tool to spray at any angle – you can even spray upside down.

What makes this sprayer special is that it is adjustable. It allows you to adjust the speed of the material flow and the pressure of the sprayer, making this sprayer versatile. It provides a very smooth finish — just like airless paint sprayers, it can spray un-thinned paint.

The Graco 17M363 features a DeWalt XR 20V lithium battery – this battery can spray up to 1 gallon per charge, which is more than enough for small and medium projects.

Among others, this sprayer is very good – you can call it a “budget-choice” of the sprayer that we listed at number 1 ( Graco 17M367).


  • Budget-Choice – Costs less than our first pick.
  • Adjustable – You can adjust the speed and the pressure.
  • Battery – DeWalt XR 20V lithium battery that can spray up to 1 gallon per charge.


  • Can’t spray flammable materials

3. Graco TC Pro – Best Cordless Spray Gun

Best Features  Graco TC Pro...

  • ProControl II
  • Adjustable
  • Pistol Pump

My Overall Rating

5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)

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If you are looking for a smaller cordless paint sprayer then the Graco TC Pro will do.  This unit is also from Graco. Some of the features that this sprayer has are the same as the other 2.

But, in comparison to the other two sprayers, the Graco TC Pro is smaller and it’s made for smaller projects. Just like all the cordless sprayers, this one too can spray un-thinned paint directly from the bag.

It comes with a feature called “ProControl II”, this feature allows you to adjust the pressure from 0 to 2500 PSI. This helps you to work with different objects and match the pressure according to the project you are working on. It also allows the uses to spray at a 45-degree angle (up-down).

One major setback is the battery. It only lasts approximately 15 minutes per charge. Meaning that the sprayer is mostly made for small projects.


  • Budget-Choice – Costs less than our first and second pick.
  • ProControl II – Allows you to adjust the pressure from 0 to 2500 PSI.
  • Angle – Allows you to spray at a 45-degree angle.


  • The battery only lasts around 15 minutes per charge.

Best Cordless Spray Gun  – Buyers Guide

Paint sprayers have been around for a while now. A lot of people use them and they do a great job. There are many different types of paint sprayers available,  depending on the project you can choose one or the other. But, today we will be talking about one specific type of paint sprayer, and that’s a cordless paint sprayer.

Battery-operated paint sprayers are good, especially if you have to work inside because they don't make a huge mess, and the power cords don't get into your way. I like battery-powered paint sprayers because they are very portable, you can move around as much as you want. If you are looking to buy one then make sure to check our best battery powered paint sprayers list.

If you compare cordless paint sprayers to normal paint sprayers then cordless paint sprayers have been around only for a short time. And there’s a reason for that.

As you may know, paint sprayers use pressure to get the paint out of the paint cup to the surface. If the paint is thick, then the paint sprayer needs more power and more pressure to be able to spray that paint.

Cordless paint sprayers take their power from their batteries (most of them use a lithium-ion battery), and sometimes they offer less pressure than the normal paint sprayers and that’s the reason why cordless paint sprayers are not used as much as normal paint sprayers.

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Another reason why people decide to buy a normal paint sprayer instead of a cordless one is the price. Cordless paint sprayers usually cost a lot more than normal paint sprayers and that is not helping them become more popular.

But, that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t buy them. In fact, there are a lot of good reasons why you should buy a cordless paint sprayer. Here are somethings that will help you find the best battery powered paint sprayers

Why should you buy cordless paint sprayers?

Although there are many reasons why you should buy a normal paint sprayer, there are also many reasons why you should buy a cordless paint sprayer.

First things first, cordless paint sprayers are less messy – since you won’t have to deal with a body ( like the stationary paint sprayers ), and you won’t have to deal with cords or anything else getting in your way, that means that cordless paint sprayers automatically become less messy, you just have to fill up the paint and you will be ready to go.

They are also more precise than normal paint sprayers – if you are into detailing projects then precise is something that you should focus more, plus, they don’t sacrifice the speed, cordless paint sprayers are just as fast as normal paint sprayers.

Cordless paint sprayers are all-in-one, that means that the motor and everything else is inside the paint sprayer so you don’t need to worry about anything else, that makes them better at portability. Also, cordless paint sprayers don’t need an air compressor to operate, which means that they are quieter than the normal paint sprayers.

But, in order to know if you should buy a cordless paint sprayer or not then you have to know the project you will be working on.  Just like normal sprayers, battery-powered ones can be used for different projects. You can use them for woodworking, painting your garage door, etc. They provide an airless paint sprayer finish.

If you will be working inside and don’t want to make a huge mess then cordless paint sprayers are a good alternative. Also, they are pretty good when it comes to hard-to-reach areas.  Except for these, here are some other features I like about them –


When investing in something that costs as much as cordless paint sprayers you want something more than just a tool that sprays paint. A big separation point between cordless paint sprayers is flammable materials. If the tool can spray the flammable material or not.

If you look at our reviews, then you can see that some of the tools can spray flammable material and some can’t. And what’s another difference that you see? The price. Usually, sprayers that can deal with flammable material cost more than the ones that can’t.  So, if you want a sprayer that can do that then you have to pay more.

But, not everyone will work with flammable materials. If you know that you won’t use flammable material then you shouldn’t pay more money. That’s why it is very important to know beforehand the project you will be working on so you can know exactly what type of sprayer you need.


The power of a cordless paint sprayer is simple, the tool should be able to convert the battery power into the energy to output the paint.

You need to find a sprayer that does that efficiently so you can maximize its power. But, we don’t always need maximum power when applying paint, you will have to find a cordless paint sprayer that allows you to adjust the power.


Usually, cordless paint sprayers use bags instead of cups. As you can see from our reviews, these types of sprayers come with 32 oz. bags. Which is more than enough for medium tasks. But, if you have to work on a larger project then you want to find some bigger bags. The bigger the bag of paint, the fewer times you have to change it and the faster you complete the projects. Also, paint bags are less messy, so there’s that.


While painting you will make a huge mess – depending on the tool you are using the mess will be higher. If you use a paint roller then you will have to clean more than if you use a paint sprayer. But, the place you are working in isn’t the only thing that you need to clean. Once you are done, you will have to clean the tool too.

Cleaning paint sprayers is a very time-consuming thing, no one wants to do that, there’s no fun. But, you have to do it to keep the tool safer.  To make this whole process easier, it is important to find a sprayer that is very easy to clean. Usually, the ones that allow you to swap parts easier are the best. You can swap a part clean it and put it pack.

The sprayers that allow you to swap parts are also good when it comes to replacing parts. If something broke on your tool then changing it won’t be a huge problem.

Final Words

As you can see, cordless paint sprayers are new to the market. Not a lot of people use them, and that’s fine. If you think that they will help you then you should buy one. In my opinion, after a few years, everyone will ditch the normal paint sprayers and go for cordless. A big reason for that is that they don’t make a huge mess and they are also very portable.  These two things are very important.

In our best cordless paint sprayers list, we haven’t included a lot of sprayers. But the ones we have are very good and come with great features.

But, if for some reason you don’t want to choose any of them, then make sure to read the buyer’s guide so you know exactly what you are looking for. Keep in mind — the price range between battery-operated and corded sprayers can be different.

As always, if you have any questions make sure to email us or comment below.

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