Best Woods For a Scroll Saw: Improve Your Craft Skills

A scroll saw is an amazing tool especially if you are looking for fine adequate lines as well as intricate joints or curves.

This is possible because the scroll saw has a thin blade that is so thin that you have to look closely if you even want to see it because it appears as almost invisible. A scroll saw is an amazing tool for cutting wood because the cuts are very accurate and clean, so it no surprise that the scroll saw is a favorite among wood crafters,

Technically it can cut any wood, however, if you are new to this you might wanna know that if you choose the wrong kind you will end up with a botched project because some kinds of woods can jump around, chip, or burn very easily.

 So you are probably asking yourself what are the best woods for a scroll saw? In this article, we are going to answer this question by showing you some wood choices that work perfectly for this type of saw.

Best Woods For a Scroll Saw?


This is a great choice especially for the American readers because of its availability anywhere in North America, so you’ll end up saving money with this one.

Another positive trait of the maple wood, is the light color and the durability, however, keep in mind that maple wood has its downfalls as well, it is almost impossible to stain a maple wood so its a challenge to get the correct coloring you want.

But if you like light coloring then you have nothing to worry about.


You can put the walnut wood in the soft category, so it’s safe to say it is much softer than maple. However, the coloring of the walnut wood is much richer, they are one of the few dark trees that are grown in North America.

Woodworkers prefer the walnut wood because of the rich coloring that differs from a dark purple one to a rich dark brown.

It is also known for its grants and imperfections, that in hindsight adds a lot of character, especially after staining it which helps bring out all of their beauty, because of their softness the walnut wood is not suitable for heavy items.


The cherry wood is in the same category of softness as the walnut wood, so if you are planning on making furniture for heavy items don’t this one because it won’t work.

However, the softness of the cherry wood is great for the scroll saw blade because it is easy to cut it through. The cherry wood has a beautiful light reddish-brown color.

A great tip: the coloring will become darker anywhere but if you put it in sunlight it will become darker much faster.


The birchwood for a nonprofessional eye is almost identical to the maple wood, especially the light coloring that is way lighter than the walnut and cherry wood. Birchwood doesn’t absorb stain easily, it is the most commonly used wood for kitchen cabinets and because of its hardness, it is more suitable for heavy projects.


Ashwood compared to the cherry and walnut wood is much harder, but it is in the same category as the birch and oak wood, the coloring is unique and beautiful as well, the wood is lighter near the outside and starts getting a more rich dark tone while getting in the middle.

The beauty gets extenuated even more when it is stained, a downfall of the ash wood is the fact that because of the hardness of it it is very problematic on the scroll saw blade.

A pro tip: Do not rush the cutting, leave it on its own pace, because you might damage the blade, Crafters usually use it for bigger projects because of the beauty of the grains and the lightweight of it.

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When it comes to the hardness of the six kinds of woods that we talked about in this article the hickory would get the first place among them easily.

The colors are also unique with a white ashen tone, but also has some streaks of reddish dark or brown near the heart, the patterns have unique grains that when stained will give your pieces amazing colores.

Crafters tend to use it in more durable projects, however, a downfall of the hickory wood is because of the thickness it might wear out the blades.

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Wood Thickness

Scroll saws are amazing tools for cutting wood, however, a big factor is the thickness of it. Scroll saws will do a great job with wood that has a thickness of about 2 inches, so using a thicker wood is not good for the blade unless you use softer wood.

Try not to push the cut with your fingers, because that might also create damages, so is the wood you are using is thicker than 2 inches try going for a band saw.

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Sometimes having a great tool is not enough you also need to be careful in what you are using it on, the combination of your skills, tools, and products will give you a great finish project.

When you make cuts try to use a sharp blade, and not push it because it will create burns and bend the blade as well, just don’t forget whatever you do use the safety measures and be careful.

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