How To Sharpen Your Ax? Easy Steps To Follow

Learn How To Sharpen Your Own Ax can be a lifesaver. Especially if your work requires to use axes. A sharpen ax blade can cut through almost everything. But on the other hand, a dull blade can make your life miserable and you will have to spend a lot more energy.

Axes are an important tool to have around, especially if you are working outdoor. They are used to chop down trees, for kindling, etc. They are basically like a small machine.  The axes use the pressure from the blade to cut through different woods. To have better results the blade needs to be sharp. If … Read more

How To Make Your Own Ax Handle? 5 Easy Tips And Tricks

Making your own handle isn't a hard task, but you still need a guide to follow so you can know exactly what to do.

No matter what work or hobbies you want, an ax can always be helpful. Maybe you go camping a lot with your friends and you need it for kindling or chopping down small trees. Maybe your work includes going outdoor or using an ax, no matter what the ax is always an important tool to … Read more

How To Efficiently Split Wood & Save Your Back

Lately, we have been using axes more. Until now we have used them to chop down big trees, small trees, we also have used hatchets for kindling and for camping. Axes can be a lifesaver, especially at camping. You can use them to split wood and make a fire and you can also use them … Read more

Axe vs Hatchet: Do You Know The Difference?

Learn more about the ax vs hatchet topic

One of the best tools ever invented by people is the ax.  People have been using axes for a long time now. They are essential and can help you with different woodworking projects.  Axes can be used to cut down trees, for kindling, cut different wood, etc. But did you know that there are different … Read more

How to Sand Metal?

how to sand metal?

Knowing how to sand metal can be useful. Usually, people sand metal to get rid of an old and unwanted color from that metal or to remove any scratches. Sanding will give the metal a smooth look and it will also make the surface even. So, if you are interested in learning how to sand … Read more

How to sand a Table?

If you protect your wooden table then it will last a long time. But protecting your dinner or coffee table is kinda hard since a lot of people eat and drink there, so it’s not up to you. After a while, almost every table will get some scratches or get damaged. If that happened with … Read more

How to Sand Glass?

If you have a glass that has a lot of scratches and you want to remove these scratches without replacing the glass then you have to sand and polish the glass. Sanding glass is not hard, but you will need a guide to follow so you can know what you are doing. Down below we … Read more

Safety Tips That Every DIYer Should Know

Safety Tips for Every DIYer

DIY – Do it yourself it’s a thing you hear people talk a lot. Since people started to move to their own houses and having a low budget, they started doing tasks that normally a profession would do. At first, people only repaired small stuff. Today, people are not afraid to rip out walls, paint … Read more

Band Saw vs Table Saw – Which One You Need First?

band saw vs table saw

Generally speaking, both the band saw and the table saw are great saws.  If your budget allows it, then make sure to get them both since they do a great job. But unfortunately buying them both will cost you a lot of money since both of them are expensive. If you are just starting out … Read more