Circular Saw vs Table Saw: Do You Know The Difference?

Have you ever wondered what tools to use when you plan to do all of your home installments and DIY projects, what is the best way to go about it? What are the most efficient tools I own? What new tools should I purchase? Especially what saw should I use? Should I purchase a circular saw or a table saw?

What you need to know 

One thing you need to realize is that you don’t need a new tool for every task, and you also don’t need to purchase every saw that you possibly can, you need to be smart about it. What I am trying to say in simpler terms is don’t get fooled by advertisements.

 Think about what task you need to perform and try to choose wisely, buy products that are versatile and multi usable. When it comes to saws you need to do your research and learn the basics about them especially if you are in between two kinds like Circular Saw Vs Table Saw?.

Circular Saw vs Table Saw

The main difference is its purpose. If you can get a circular saw that accepts abrasive discs then you can cut metal with it. On the other hand, the table saw is mostly used for woodworking.

Circular saws are more portable, while table saws come with a stationary and heavy body. The price also makes a big difference — table saws usually cost more than circular saws.

The Circular Saw

 A Circular saw is great for doing a lot of tasks, there is nothing that a table saw can do that a circular one can’t.

Theoretically speaking of course, since the user’s skillset needs to be high as well to perform difficult tasks, so if you are a professional you can easily use a circular saw for precision miters, cross cuts, etc.

A circular saw is a great tool. If you have a large workshop then you need to own one. It can be used to cut wood, but also metal. It is very portable and helps you to make straight cuts.

But, if you are a beginner and are just trying to do something simple like cutting a frame or other simple tasks, try to go easy and use a table saw instead.

If you still want to purchase it and are willing to learn keep in mind that you need some extra tools like an Edge guide, a shooting board, speed square, etc. 

What is a handheld circular saw?

It is the most common circular saw, it is fairly easy to work with, not that expensive, very practical, and flexible it also goes by the names: Skill Saw or electric hand saw.depending on the model, they have different blades from 6 to 8 inches.

Most portable circular saws have more than 2 horsepower electric motors that usually turn the table 5000 RPM. Keep in mind they vary from model to model.

The parts that a handheld circular saw has are the motor which is surrounded in a housing, the blade with two guards one on top and one on the bottom, the handle, and a shoe or sole plate on the bottom.

It weighs from 9 to 12 pounds. The cut can be adjusted from 90 degrees to 45-degree angle.

What is a Worm drive circular saw?

This one is a heavy-duty circular saw, also very special because most portable circular saws usually direct- draw or in other words, the motor of the saw is the shaft, where the blade is attached, is a part of the rotor of an electric motor, however, in a worm-drive saw the motor will drive the blade from the rear.

The worm drive circular saw got the name from the two gears one of which is threaded like a screw which has a cylinder shape and is known as the worm gear.

A big advantage of the worm drive circular saw is that it delivers the high revolutions from the engine to the saw blade with a reduced speed, which means that it can cut double thickness or several sheets of plywood much easier than the saw cuts without stalling.

They are heavier and tend to weigh twice as much as the regular circular saws but have more power, another interesting feature the blade is on the left of the motor which makes them very convenient to right-handers. If you are not a professional I would advise starting with a saw that is easier to maneuver. 

Table Saw

When we talked about the circular saw we mentioned that it is a great tool. However, circular saws are more suitable for professionals.

On the other hand, table saws are easy to use, especially for beginners, which makes it an efficient tool especially for jobs like ripping board or cross-cutting. Find here the best beginners Table Saw Review

The table saw is used mostly for woodworking. It comes with a large table that has a blade in the middle. You have to push the materials to the blade and the blade will cut it. These saws are usually more expensive.

Unless you are trying to mess up a cut the table saw is a safe bet, however, you need to plan to do the work from your garage because the non-portability and the size make it very difficult to use anywhere as the circular saw. 

So you need to make room for a workspace, another problem with the table saw is how much it costs, it is more expensive than the circular saw.

When you purchase a table saw be wary of the quality of the blade no matter how much you spend on it, if the blade is good you will end up with a great product also look for the; motor power, drive type, RPM, arbor, table and fence, miter gauge and dust collection.

Different Kinds of Table Saws

There are 7 different kinds of table saws out there, if you want to finish your work faster and easier you need to choose the right one, each type has its faults and benefits, you also have the opportunity to choose between two categories portable and stationary, they all come in different price points so choose the one more suited for you :

  • Mini Table Saw
  • Contractor Table Saw
  • Benchtop Table Saw
  • Jobsite Table Saw
  • Compact Table Saw
  • Hybrid Table Saw
  • Cabinet Table Saw

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Safety Features of The Table Saw

When you purchase a table saw, it comes with a riving knife that prevents kickback and a push stick that helps to keep your hands away from the blade.

You also have a blade guard, try not to move it immediately before being more used with your table saw because thousand of accidents happen every year because of that tiny mistake.

Like I mentioned in the entire article both saws are amazing tools and I cannot decide for myself which one is better than the other however depending on your personal situation if you read the article it is fairly easy to at least know which on you need more for your DIY project.

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