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How to Cut Aluminium With a Circular Saw (3 Easy Steps)

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Circular saws are among favorites when it comes to saws, the reason why is because they are a portable tool, that can cut straight or angular lines fast and efficiently, they can cut among various materials.

Mostly circular saws are used to cut through wood, but sometimes circular saws are also used to cut through aluminum, for this particular material it is usually preferred to use a miter saw.

However, if you don’t own one you can do it with a circular saw as well, if that’s the case, this is what you need to do to cut aluminum sheets or plates:

 Don’t Forget 

When you start cutting aluminum with a circular saw the first step is,  always to clamp the material in place, because if the blade happens to grab the material during the cut it could easily pinch the blade and damage it, and it also could harm the operator as well. 

How to Cut Aluminum With a Circular Saw

Using the Right Blade

When it comes to blades you could use the standard woodworking ones that have carbide tips, but be careful and use extra precautions, because the tips could easily break off.

Luckily we have other options because most companies do in fact manufacture blades for non-ferrous material, and they also have special grades that are made of carbide for cutting aluminum alloy.

When you are deciding which blade to purchase pay extra attention to the teeth if you have a thicker material buy on that has fewer teeth, and if you have a thinner material buy one that has more teeth for a smoother cut, for example, if the material you have is 1/16 thick you have to use a blade that approximately has 12 teeth per diameter.

Keep in mind — if you want a thin layer of aluminum then you have to use the 200 teeth blades, so depending on how thick or thin you want your layers always look at the number of teeth in each blade because a small thing like that will have a big impact on your end project.

Always Lubricate the Blade for Additional Protection

When you cut aluminum there is always a risk that the blade will grab the material, if that happens the user could end up injuring himself, to minimize that risk you need to lubricate the blade because it keeps the bladder from gumming up the debriefs and also from grabbing the material.

Lubrication is not only needed for that but also for helping with chipped dips and also prevents overheating, for lubrication your blade you need a saw blade wax stick, which is specifically made for it and are easy to use, you only have to put it across the teeth of the blade and the blade as well, another way is using WD-40  oil but you have to put it on for multiple times

Wear Protection

When working with tools especially with blades, you need to be careful and wear protection, always wear goggles for protecting your eyes, do not wear gloves because they might get caught in the circular saw, also do not wear rings and other accessories for the same reason.

When it comes to clothing try to wear them fitted to the body, also wear masks because it keeps you from breathing debriefs.

Final Words

If you follow these steps first purchase a specific blade for aluminum cutting, lubricating it, and wearing protection will help you achieve your goal of cutting the material perfectly. 

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