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How To Efficiently Split Wood & Save Your Back

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Lately, we have been using axes more. Until now we have used them to chop down big trees, small trees, we also have used hatchets for kindling and for camping. Axes can be a lifesaver, especially at camping. You can use them to split wood and make a fire and you can also use them to protect yourself.

Except for these things axes are used for a lot of more things. People use them daily at their work and at their houses. They are also used for throwing competitions and a lot of other things.  As I said, they can be a lifesaver but at the same time, they can harm you and your body if you are not careful enough.

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I’m sure that you have seen or heard that people have cut themselves while using axes, that’s why it’s important to be careful while working. But, I have noticed that people who use axes daily have another problem, and that is back pain. Especially while splitting hardwood.

How To Efficiently Split Wood & Save Your Back

If you have ever chopped firewood before then you already know that every time you split the wood some parts of it just fly around your garden.  At first, going around and finding the wood that flew won’t be hard, but after a while, you will start to get tired.

It can be a hard and long process to cut the firewood and then go look for the wood that flew. Not only you will get tired, but you can also harm your back.  Every time you find the piece of wood, you will have to bend over and pick it. Doing this every day can cause you a lot of back pain. To avoid this we came with an efficient way to split the firewood and prevent the pieces of wood from flying around.

The process is simple and effective. I recommend you try this out especially if you have already started to notice the back pain.  This process will minimize the time you spend on picking up the wood and focus more on chopping it.

Step 1:  Except for the ax, you need two more things in order to complete this process. You need a light chain and a bungee cord. You may be wondering how these two things can help you but stay with me …

Once you have these two tools now it’s time to put them in use,  hook one end of the bungee to one of the chain links. The other end of the bungee should not be hooked yet.


Step 2:  Now you have to put the log where you always put it before splitting. Once you put the log on its place now it’s time to secure it. Take the bungee and the chain and wrap the log. Once you wrap the log, you will have to hook the other end of the bungee with one of the chain links.  The chain and the bungee should fit the log snugly.


Step 3:  Once you have secured the log, its to chop it. You should not do anything different than you would normally do. Use the same ax and the same energy and the log will split. You will notice that once you chop the log, the pieces of wood do not fly out, but instead, they stay at the same place. You can even walk away if you need to.

Step 4: Once you have completed the chopping process now it’s time to stack the wood.  Will the bungee and the chain still on it, take the log and place it where you normally stack your wood. Once you do that, you can unhook one end of the bungee and you will notice that the wood will roll out in one place.


Final Words

As I said before, a simple but effective method. You can repeat the process as many times as you want. The bungee helps you to use this method on at size log. You will realize that you will spend less time looking for pieces of wood and more time in actually chopping the wood.

You will also reduce the back pain because you will minimize the times you bend to pick up a piece of wood. Make sure to use this method and let us know the results. Source

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