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How to Put a Ladder on a Sloped Roof: Step-by-Step Explanation 

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If you would rather fix the roof by yourself rather than paying someone to do it and do not know how to work on a sloped roof with ladders than this is something you should read. A brief explanation showing you how to work on a sloped roof with ladders and feel safe at the same time.

The majority of roofs are designed in sloped style. The steepness of the roof will make it hard for a ladder to stay straight and work on it but not impossible. The ladder will be slanted and it will increase the risk of slipping or even falling off. 

Indeed, when you first think of it sounds like a hard thing to put a ladder safely on a sloped roof and it is hard to do it. However, we will show you a few steps to make it possible and easier.

How to Put a Ladder on a Sloped Roof

Buy The Right Tools

Before you start the process, you need to have the right tools to help you.

The right kind of ladder 

Each ladder is created for a specific purpose. Check the side of the ladder, there is a sticker that shows you what type of ladder it is. There are a few types of ladders so make sure you buy the ladder that is designed specifically for roofs.

The ladder that is created to be used on a sloped roof is equipped with grippers at the bottom which prevent the ladder from slipping when putting on the roof.

If you buy the wrong kind of ladder you will damage the roof. It would, also, be beneficial if you were to measure the length of your roof so you could buy the right length of the ladder. 

A PiVit Ladder Tool

You can either buy this tool or rented or borrow it if you do not wish to spend your money on such a tool. However, it is an important tool to have one in your home.

This tool will help you to ease your job. A PiVit ladder tool creates something like a flat surface so the ladder can stand straight and stable on your roof. You would have to place it under the leg at the lower side of the roof. This will elevate the ladder and it will bring it to the same level as the other one.

The PiVit ladder tool is also important in reducing the risk of your ladder slipping, or you falling off the roof as well as getting injured.

Now, once you have acquired all of the above-mentioned tools we will show you four simple steps on how to safely put a ladder on your roof and work on it with the utmost confidence.

Identify The Material

The first thing I would recommend you to do is to identify the material of your roof and determine whether it allows you to put a ladder on or not.

Not all roofs are made to put ladders on. So make sure your roof is the kind of roof that bares to put ladders on for the working process.

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Gather The Tools

If your roof allows you to put a ladder on, gather all the necessary things you need for working. Take all the tools you need so you do not have to go back and forth to get them.

The best thing to own in this situation is a tool belt. The tool belt allows you to insert all sorts of tools you need when you are planning to work on a sloped roof.

Set-up the Ladder

Grab the ladder and set it up on the roof. First, begin by putting the PiVit tool where you would like the bottom leg of the ladder to go. Then, attach a gripper to the bottom of the PiVit tool so it would secure your ladder to not slip when you are working on it.

After you have set up carefully the PiVit tool place the ladder at the angle that you wish to work on. Keep in mind — never put the ladder on a movable object. Windy weather is not preferable for working on your sloped roof, especially when you need the ladders as a helping tool.

Get An Extra Hand

Do not do it alone. I would suggest that you do not do this on your own, whether you want to fix the roof or an antenna. Getting some help will aid in holding and stabilizing the ladder when you are working on it. Having someone there will make you feel more comfortable when working in such an uncomfortable position. 

As you can see, it is not so hard to put the ladder on a sloped roof once you have the tools and the necessary instructions to use them. 

However, during the use of the ladder, always proceed with caution, you can never be too careful. Do not put too much weight on the ladder. 

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