How to Remove Paint Using Heat Guns?

As we have mentioned before on this blog that heat guns can be used for a lot of different things. Am I right? You can shrink wrap, replace phone glass, remove paint and a lot of other tasks. Now, each task you do with the heat gun is different, shrinking wrap requirements different logic, removing paint requirements different logic and so on.

But today we will talk and give you some tips on how to use and buy the best heat gun for paint removal.

Removing paint from the wall or wood is not that easy, you can’t just start the heat gun and aim it to a wall and except the paint just to disappear. If you do that not only you are not gonna remove the paint but you are also gonna damage the object you are working on.

Before I start giving you some good tips on how to remove paint I will give you some heat gun safety tips first, which are very needed if its the first time using heat guns.

Let’s just get back from removing paint for a moment and let me tell you what tools you need in order to make this work :

  • Heat gun
  • Putty Knife
  • Nozzle ( Optional)

Alright, make sure to have a high-quality heat gun, you don’t want a low-quality heat gun that won’t work the next month, right?. Now read really carefully these tips on how to use heat guns in a safe way, because if you get hurt no one is gonna go and remove the paint for you.

Heat Gun Safety Tips

Heat Gun Safety TipsKnowing how to remove paint from your walls is really good and helps you to complete your job faster, but if you don’t know how to protect your self while working then none of that matters. Heat Gun shape is just like hairdryers, and they basically do the same job, they blow hot air.

But make no mistake about the heating temperature that heat guns produce. Usually, the heat temperature range of these tools go starts at 200 degrees and can reach up to 1200 degrees.

So once the heat gun reaches its maximum temperature you are gonna need to direct 1200 degrees somewhere. Now here’s the moment when some people’s brain just stops. Usually, when it’s your first time using the heat gun you are gonna destroy some little objects, I know I did!

Keep in mind this when you are using heat guns …

Never direct the heat flow to your skin, I know I did this mistake at the very first time using a heat gun and it wasn’t good. But for my good luck, the temperature wasn’t that big and I didn’t get a big burn.

Not only you shouldn’t direct the airflow to your skin but you never should direct it to someone else skin, imagine how you would feel if you caused someone a burn just because of your negligence.

Always wear gloves, usually, when working on different objects you have to change your nozzle since as you know each nozzle is for different tasks or objects, having gloves will help you protect your hand from getting burned. Once the heat guns blow hot air not only the object you are directing the air gets hot but also nozzles get the same heat.

Touching hot nozzles with your bare hand might and will cause your big burns. Keep in mind that you should use gloves always and not only when you are working and changing nozzles.

Do not direct the hot air to objects that are flammable, or any other chemical object, you will be surprised at how fast these objects turn to flames and may burn a lot of things.

Sometimes when we are working for a long time we need to rest our hands, especially while we are removing paint since its a pretty long job. While you are resting your hand make sure to lay the heat gun on its back so it won’t direct the air to any objects.

Keep in mind that some of the old and basic models do not have a good design that makes it possible for you to put the heat gun on its back. If you want to see our review about heat guns then make sure to check our homepage. We have also reviewed individual heat gun products. You can read our Dewalt Heat Gun Review here.

How can you remove paint with a heat gun?

removing paint using heat gunsRemember when I said different tasks need different logic? The same thing goes for paint removal too! Before starting to do this task make sure to read all the safety tips I wrote.

Using a heat gun to remove paint will help you do it faster, especially on objects that you can’t move and the paint is old.

Simply start your heat gun and wait for it to heat, once it reached a medium/high temperature start directing the hot air at the object.

Make sure to be at least 4 inches away or you may destroy it, different models need different distance so make sure to read the manual of your heat gun.

Try to move the heat gun around, never keep it in the same position for more than 2 or 3 seconds. While you are moving your heat gun with one hand, use the other hand to remove the paint with a putty knife that I mentioned before that you need it.

This is a really long process depending on your object that you want to remove paint from, since you are gonna remove all the paint, make sure to put something at the end of your object so the pieces of paint do not touch your floor since they are still hot and sticky and may stick to your floor.

Last words

If you are trying to remove paint from objects that have windows then you need to lower your heat and make sure to use “Glass Protector” nozzles in order to protect your windows. A lot of heat can break your window. Keep in mind to always follow safety tips and read your model manual in order to stay safe!

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