Spray Painting Techniques – Get better at using paint sprayers

If you are a perfectionist just like me, then you want everything in your life and on your house to be perfect. Usually, after a while, a lot of things around the house start to get old and look bad.

Once that happens you have three options. The number one option is to leave them to get old and ugly, the second one is to go and buy new stuff and replace them and the last option and that one I use is to re-paint them.

Re-painting furniture on your house is not an easy task, we have talked a lot about it on this blog and we have made tons of different guides on how you can re-paint your furniture. One thing that makes it hard is using paint sprayers.

A paint sprayer is a tool that you can use to spray different objects, in our case you can use paint sprayers to spray kitchen cabinets, furniture, wood projects, your car, and many other things.

But just like with every tool, with paint sprayers you need a little bit of experience to get better results. You can still use paint sprayers even if you don’t have any experience but you won’t get good results.

But if you don’t have any experience-don’t worry. There are different techniques you can use to get more experience and to get better at using paint sprayers. You can use these techniques even if you have a lot of experience, they will help you complete the job faster, easier and get better results.

The basics of spray painting techniques

As I said, you don’t need the experience to use paint sprayers, you only need the experience to get better results. To get normal or good results all you have to do is to follow the basic techniques. You can see these techniques in the manual of the paint sprayer. Basically, on the manual, you can read how much water you should use, how much paint, how you should clean the paint sprayer and many other tips that are mostly basic.

Using these tips you will get good results, but if you want to get better results and complete the job faster then I recommend you to read all the tips down below that I and my team wrote for you. If you don’t understand something then please feel free to contact us and make sure you read the tips just before you start working with paint sprayers.

Choose the best paint sprayer for your needs

using paint sprayers to paint furniture

You can have a lot of experience, but if your paint sprayer is bad then you won’t get any good results. I recommend you to buy a paint sprayer that fulfills your needs. Don’t just go and buy the cheapest paint sprayer or the most expensive one and think you are done.

There are a lot of paint sprayers models. You have the HVLP Paint Sprayer, LVLP paint sprayers, Airless paint sprayer, and many other models.

If you want a paint sprayer for a specific task, such as a paint sprayer to spray your car or spray your walls then I recommend you look at our review section so you can find a paint sprayer that can complete the task you want to do, and if you are still not sure which model to get, then try asking relatives that have already used a paint sprayer or try reading amazon reviews for every model.

So, the first step to get perfect results from your project is to have a high-quality paint sprayer. If you already have a paint sprayer then you can skip this step.

Mixing the elements

One of the biggest mistakes people do when using paint sprayers is that they don’t mix the elements in a proper way (water & paint). A lot of people just think that they can guess how much water paint sprayer needs or how much paint you have to use to complete a project.

Therefore they end up having a lot of water or they end up having less water then they should have. If you are one of the people that has done this, then you should stop.

A good way to know how much water you need is to read the manual. Easy as that! It’s really important to read the manual since every model needs a different amount of water. So the manual will show you how much water you need for the model you own.

Also, it is recommended to use a disposable mix cup so you can mix water & paint better.

Practice just before starting

painting walls with paint sprayersAs you know “Practice makes perfect” so in order to get better results you have to practice a lot before using the paint sprayer on the object you want to spray.

Doing this is how I got better at using paint sprayers, and I’m not the only one. I have asked many other people who have their own local painting store and all of them told me that in order to get better at using them you have to practice a lot.

If you are wondering how and where you can practice then let me tell you.

You can practice on a lot of different things, such as objects you don’t use or need anymore. If you don’t have any object that you don’t need then you can practice on cardboard or on paper.

Doing this will help you know how to exactly hold the paint sprayer to get better results, how much water you need, how far you have to be from the object to get better results and many other things.

Try to start slow. Don’t use a lot of paint to practice. Start by using low pressure such as 40-50 PSI and slowly try to add more pressure and see how the color quality changes.

If you feel that you are using a lot of pressure try to lower it until you find out how much pressure you need to get better and faster results.

I practice on cardboard or paper every time before starting to spray the objects that I want. Doing this has helped me get better and faster results. Why? Because this will help to remove any dirt or dust that is on the paint sprayer.

So, if my paint sprayer has dust on the needle or the paint and water didn’t mix well then I would just “destroy” cardboards and not the object that I wanted to spray. If you spray your wood objects with unmixed paint or with paint that has dust then you will never get good results, and it will take you a lot of time to clean it!

Clean the object or surface

Before starting to spray an object or surface you need to fully clean it. As you know “dust” is the biggest enemy of a good color finish quality, so if an object has dust and you spray over it, the paint won’t last and you will not get good results.

Therefore just before starting to spray the object or surface try to blow away the dust and the dirt.

You can use water or any other cleaner to complete this task. If you want to get a good color quality then you have to do this every time and for every object. If you don’t the color quality will be bad and you will have to re-spray the object all over again.

Use two or three layers

This is a tip that I give to everyone. You should use two or three layers only if you want to get a perfect color finish.

Don’t use a lot of layers on objects that you don’t care about the color quality because if you do then you will spend a lot of paint and a lot of your time on something you don’t need.

If you decide to use this technique then keep in mind that you have to wait after each layer for the paint to dry. So, once you spray it you have to wait for the paint to fully dry and then start to add another layer and so on.

You have to ensure that the whole surface or object is dry before adding another layer or you may make your object look worse then it was before spraying it.

Final Words

If you use all these techniques and tips then you will get better at using paint sprayers and I ensure you that you will get better results a.k.a better finish color quality.

Keep in mind that when you are spraying you should try to move your hand on a normal speed so all the surface can get sprayed. Try not to keep your paint sprayer spraying at the same place for too long.

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