Why Should You Use Paint Sprayers Instead Of Paint Rollers?

Paint Sprayers Vs Paint RollersEven though paint spraying looks like a really hard thing to do, trust me it’s not.

I have been painting spraying for over 10 years and during these years I have seen a lot of people who never used or saw a paint sprayer before, getting a good finish quality just by practicing for a few hours with it.

I know that it may look like a hard thing to do but if you want to paint spray your furniture or your doors then you can do it without hiring a professional.

Paint spraying your car or your house is a totally different story because to paint spray your car or your home you need to have some experience on paint spraying, which you probably don’t, so hiring a professional to do it is your best options.

But for the other stuff such as spray painting your doors or your kitchen cabinets you don’t need a professional, you can do it once you practice a little with paint sprayers.

A few years ago paint spraying was hard. You had to know how to use a compressor on a proper way, how much PSI you need to use for that specific object and cleaning and working with a paint sprayer was even harder.

Today you still need to know these things, but now there are a lot of different paint sprayer models that are made for the homeowner, in other words for people who never used a paint sprayer before. And thanks to the technology now you can see different Youtube tutorials on how to use a paint sprayer and also there are many other forums and blogs such as our website that will help you get through any problem you may face while paint spraying.

If you want to know more about paint sprayers, different painting techniques and how to get a better finish quality then I recommend you to check our blog.

Down below we have written a short guide on why you should use paint sprayers, and we have mentioned some pros and cons of paint spraying.  I recommend you to read it before starting to work with paint sprayers.

Why should you use a paint sprayer?

using paint sprayers to paint furniture
There are a lot of benefits by using a paint sprayer. If you compare the finish paint quality of a surface that is painted with a paint roller with a finish paint quality of a surface that is paint sprayer by a paint sprayer then you will realize that paint sprayer has 10 x better finish quality.

That’s the main reason why people use paint sprayers: Quality!

But there are some many other reasons why people use paint sprayers and not paint roller anymore.  Paint sprayers are faster, you will end the task with a paint sprayer a lot of times faster then you would with a paint roller.

Also, the cleaning process is easier, usually it takes me no more than 5 minutes to clean my paint sprayer and space I was working on.

And there are things that you just can’t do with a paint roller and you are forced to use a paint sprayer. Imagine paint rolling your car? Can you? Of course not that why there are paint sprayers.

And using a paint roller on your kitchen cabinets is not a really good idea so there comes another reason why you should use paint sprayers.  If you want to know the differences between paint sprayer and a paint roller then I recommend you to check our blog.

But just like every tool this one has its cons as well and not only pros. Actually, these disadvantages are all money related. Clearly buying a paint sprayer will cost you a lot more money than buying a paint roller.

Yes, paint spraying with a paint sprayer is a lot faster but it also consumes 2 times more paint than a paint roller would. So, if you are planning to save money then I don’t recommend you to use a paint sprayer.

If you have a lot of free time and some money saved then I think you should try to use paint sprayers instead of hiring a professional to do the same task. It’s cheaper in the long run.

Once you get good at paint spraying it will become like an addiction (at least for me that’s what happened), once you see surfaces or objects that can look better if you paint spray them then you will probably do it.

Paint spraying is really good if you have some free time, and once you are done paint spraying an object it will make you feel better about yourself every time you see that object looking new again.

Buy a paint sprayer today

As you can see paint sprayers are really good and can make your spray painting life easier. There are many different paint sprayers models. There are HVLP paint sprayers, airless paint sprayers, turbine paint sprayers, LVLP paint sprayers, and many other models.  No matter which one of these you buy I guarantee you that they will become handy one day.

Since there are a lot of different paint sprayers models that can confuse a lot of people on which one to buy. If you have decided to buy a paint sprayer then I recommend you to check our “Woodworking Paint Sprayer” section or our Homepage where we have listed at least 5 of the best models for each of these paint sprayers.

We have also listed the pros and cons of every one of them and explained their features and how they work.

I know I have said that paint sprayers are expensive, but they are expensive only in short terms. If you calculate on how much money you will save paint spraying surfaces by yourself then you would by hiring a professional to do it then you will realize that in long term paint sprayers actually will save you a lot of money.

You can have a good hvlp spray gun for cabinets and still get a bad result. Why? Because you are not experienced enough with paint sprayers. To avoid rookie mistakes and to learn how to use spray guns in different temperatures make sure to read our post on how to paint spray in cold weather?

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