Safety Tips That Every DIYer Should Know

Safety Tips for Every DIYer

DIY – Do it yourself it’s a thing you hear people talk a lot. Since people started to move to their own houses and having a low budget, they started doing tasks that normally a profession would do. At first, people only repaired small stuff. Today, people are not afraid to rip out walls, paint … Read more

Band Saw vs Table Saw – Which One You Need First?

band saw vs table saw

Generally speaking, both the band saw and the table saw are great saws.  If your budget allows it, then make sure to get them both since they do a great job. But unfortunately buying them both will cost you a lot of money since both of them are expensive. If you are just starting out … Read more

How To Sharpen Saw Blades?

How to sharpen saw blades?

Buying saws can be an expensive investment. They cost a lot, some models cost xxxx$ +. But, the spendings don’t stop there. After you buy a saw, you will have to buy different blades, and some other stuff just to complete a small woodworking project. It doesn’t matter what saw you own, whenever you own … Read more