What are HVLP Paint Sprayers Used For?

I know that if you never used a paint sprayer and you decide to buy one that you will be very confused. There are a lot of different types and models that come with different features, and if you don’t know what you are doing then you probably will end with a bad sprayer.  And you will probably overpay for that too.

One of the most used paint sprayer types is HVLP.  These sprayers provide a smooth finish and are easy to use, and that attracts a lot of beginners to buy them.

The HVLP stands for ‘ High Volume Low Pressure ‘, that means that the tool uses low pressure but it provides a high volume of paint.  You most likely need an air compressor to make these sprayers work. But luckily you only need a small compressor.  These sprayers usually need about 20 PSI.

What are HVLP Paint Sprayers Used For?

You can use HVLP sprayers for a lot of things, mostly for woodworking projects, but they are not limited to that. These sprayers provide a smooth and high-quality finish, but they are not very fast. If you want a fast sprayer then you should check airless paint sprayers. Here’s the difference between HVLP and airless paint sprayers.

Anyhow, here are some of the things that you can use HVLP paint sprayers for ( But not limited to ) :

Automotive Finishing

A lot of people use HVLP paint sprayers to spray their car. These types of sprayers are very popular in the industry and they have almost replaced all the other painting tools.

A very good reason why people use HVLP sprayers for automotive painting projects is that they provide a very smooth finish quality. Plus, you can use the same HVLP paint sprayer for primer paint, coating, and the main paint. This makes it easier because you only have to buy one sprayer instead of three.

Except for professionals, I have seen a lot of DIYers using HVLP sprayers for automotive painting. If they can do it, why can’t you?

Marine Finishing

If you have to paint the marine vessels then you need to make sure that the finish is smooth.  HVLP paint sprayers provide a smooth finish and that makes them very good for marine finishing.

Proper finish quality is needed because the coating provides marine protection against corrosion. And since these sprayers can handle both wood and metal surfaces, it makes them a very good choice for this project.

Keep in mind that if you are using an HVLP paint sprayer for marine finishing then you need to keep the spray gun near the surface, 4-inches is the normal distance, you don’t want to go further. This reduces the over-spraying and provides a better finish quality. But, this project may take you some time because HVLP sprayers are not very fast.

Building Painting

You can also paint buildings using an HVLP paint sprayer. They provide an even coat and that is perfect for buildings.  You can also use almost every type of paint, as long as the paint is thinned and you use the right nozzle.

For example you can use the HVLP sprayers to apply an even drywall mud. Plus these sprayers work well both indoors and outdoors which makes it easier to paint outside buildings and surfaces, add to this that most of these sprayers come with long paint hoses (20ft+), that allows you to move around without having to move the whole paint sprayer.

Furniture Finishing

Furniture refinishing is probably the hardest thing you can do as a beginner painter. You need to do a good job because you will be seeing your results every day. Especially if you decide to refinish your living room furniture or kitchen cabinets.

This process requires you to be precise, and since HVLP sprayers use low pressure that means that you will be able to control the sprayer. Plus most of these sprayers come with adjustable settings and that helps you to reduce the material flow if you can’t control the sprayer. You also need even coatings at the end, if not then you might need to re-do the whole process again.

Final Words

These are some projects that you can use an HVLP sprayer for. But, these sprayers are not limited to only these 4 projects. HVLP sprayers are good for almost every surface plus they come with adjustable settings which makes the good for small and big projects.

If you decide to buy an HVLP sprayer then make sure to find one that comes with a long paint hose, that will help you a lot if your painting projects are outside. With a long paint hose, you will be able to move around without having to move the whole sprayer.

Keep in mind that after each use of the sprayer you need to clean it. Here’s a guide we made about how to clean paint sprayers?

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