What are LVLP Spray Guns & How To Use Them?

A few years ago spray guns were quite a “luxury” tool. Not everyone had one because of their price and because at that time most of the people still thought using them is hard and you had to be a professional to use them, so a lot of people decided not to buy them and just go with the classic way and buying roller painters. Of course just like a lot of things the spray guns got better and thanks to advancements in technology and manufacturing their price got lower and affordable.

Since the price got lower that made a lot of people to give them a try and buy them. Now spray guns are one of the most used tools for DIY projects. Today on the internet you can find a lot of different guides and articles that show you exactly how to use spray guns and which one you should buy.

Of course, we have a lot of different posts about spray guns too, but the most important one is the guide we wrote on choosing the best lvlp paint sprayer to paint spray your car.

There are different kinds of spray guns. But the two most used and best ones are the HVLP spray gun and LVLP spray gun. Even that their name is almost the same, the hvlp spray gun and lvlp spray gun have a lot of differences.

Today I’m gonna explain what are LVLP spray guns and how to use them?

The “LVLP” stands for ” Low Volume Low Pressure”. According to its name, you have probably guessed that this type of spray gun uses low volume and low pressure in order to operate. It uses somewhere near 10 PSI, which is perfect for people who don’t want to spend a lot of money on big compressors. you can archive 10 PSI with a very small and cheap air compressor, although cheap and small compressors are not preferred.

There are a lot of good reasons why people like LVLP spray guns, one of them is that the experience curve is small. Clearly, you have to do some testing before using spray guns on objects but after a few tries, you can use it on an object that you want to paint. On top of that is that the finish quality is really high if you compare them .. well.. to anything!

LVLP spray guns advantages

what are lvlp paint sprayers?

There are a lot of different advantages that lvlp spray guns offer, I can’t mention them all but I will try to mention the most important ones that help you do your job easier and faster!

The first advantage you notice is the simplicity that it offers. So, even if you never used a spray gun before that won’t matter, you will be ready to go after 2 or 3 hours of reading the manual, watching youtube videos or even reading our posts on how to use lvlp spray guns.

Another big advantage is the time you save with spray guns overall. If you compare it with how much time you will spend if you are painting your wall with a roller painter and if you are painting your wall with spray guns you will realize how much faster you complete your task. Spray guns can be more expensive than roller painters but as they say ” Time is money”, and looking the quality that roller painter offers and looking at the quality of the spray gun I have to say that in the long run spray guns are cheaper than roller painters.

Speaking of money, most of the spray guns cost between 50 and 150 $ which is not expensive if you compare with all the things it comes. But of course, it’s important to mention that just because a spray gun is expensive it doesn’t mean it will be quality or vice versa. The quality of a spray gun depends on a lot of things such as the material that the tool is made, design, weight and a lot of different things.

Keep in mind, that the finish color quality doesn’t depend only on your spray gun quality, it also depends on your air compressor and your nozzles. So, if you are planning to have a quality color make sure you do your research on air compressors and nozzles as well and not only on spray guns.

LVLP spray guns disadvantages

Although there are not so many downsides when it comes to spray gun I still have to mention a few of them because they definitely exist. But they are not that big and I’m just mentioning them for the sake of this post.

One of the biggest downside that this type of spray gun offers is that it’s not so great with thicker paintings. So, if you ever plan on working on thicker objects or material such as latex then you might consider buying a bigger and a better spray gun for this kind of job, HVLP spray guns are a good option. Of course, you still can paint a thicker object with LVLP spray guns but the only downside is that it will take you longer to complete the job.

Should I buy an LVLP spray gun?

Just like for everything else, it’s up to you if you need it or not. But, if you are planning to do a painting project then I recommend you to buy it. The good part about buying an LVLP spray gun is that you don’t need to have the previous experience in order to work with them. You will probably get used to it after a few tries. So if you are planning to have a painting project, why would you spend a lot of time and effort with roller painters and have a worse color quality where you can get the job done faster and better with spray guns?

As I have mentioned earlier if you are not sure which spray gun to get then make sure to read our post that we made on top 5 lvlp spray guns, where we have listed the pros and cons for the top 5 spray guns we have ever used.

Final Words

As you can see spray guns are much better than roller painters and any other classic painters. They will help you do a better job and a faster painting job. Therefore, if you are planning a painting job I recommend to start doing your research on lvlp spray guns and buying one because it’s worth it. Paint Sprayers can be used for different stuff. Check our top 5 paint sprayers for home use to learn more about different models of paint sprayers that you can use to paint your furniture.

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