5 Best Drill Presses (Make Holes Like a Pro)

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The traditional drilling method which involves using a chisel with a hard-headed hammer to gently hit the wood to make holes for design or shapes is extraordinarily stressful.

If this is what you do, then you need to level up your working process with the modern age technology that delivers the best functionalities with less effort and optimum comfort via the use of a drill press.

The Drill Press is an essential tool for carpentry works. It is used for carving out different shapes and designs on woodwork finishing.

Getting a drill press in the market of today can be stressful because there are lots of brands and products out there.

Considering the stress of reading through different websites searching for the best fit for your needs, we have saved you the stress and the time by providing you with a list of five of the best drill presses in the market.

We have also given you an opening into the reasoning of experts who picked these products by providing a buyer’s guide that details the things you should look out for when buying a quality drill press.

The following are the best five drill presses that fit your needs.

Product NameDetailsPrice


  • Motor: 10 Amp
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Evolution S28MAG

  • Motor: 10 Amp
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Hougen HMD904

  • Speed: 450 RPM
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Shop Fox W1848

  • Motor: 3/4 HP
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WEN 4208

  • Speed: 3140 RPM
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Best Drill Presses


Best Features  DEWALT Drill...

  • Chuck System and Drill Travel
  • Versatile Operation
  • Durable Construction

My Overall Rating

5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)

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Efficient work requires high-quality gadgets and DEWALT products are known for delivering only quality products.

Dewalt Drill Press is constructed with unique onboard storage that enables you to store different parts while also giving you access to parts that need regular services.

It features a 10.0 Amp powerful motor that enhances the efficiency and excellent performance of the machine. The Powerful Motor allows comfortable use of the machine on any heavy-duty workload.

It can drill any material, either hard or soft, without hiccups. It allows you to drill through thick materials in less time effortlessly.

It has various adjustable speed settings that allow you to use the tool for different tasks. The adjustable speed settings allow you to easily switch the speed to either 450 or 300 rotations per minute.

The machine delivers ultimate accuracy and an intuitive design which spares you the fear of handling large materials. It works perfectly with various materials.


  • Versatility –  It can handle any form of material, be it hard or soft.
  • Easy Storage – It has a compact and sleek design for easy storage.
  • Overload Protection System – This prevents overheating of the machine that prevents it from getting burned.
  • High Performance – Features 10.0 Amp powerful motor.

  • Limited Speed Settings – The speed settings are limited to only two options, 450 or 300

2.Evolution S28MAG

Best Features  Evolution Heavy...

  • High Precision Drilling System
  • Integrated Coolant System
  • Lightweight

My Overall Rating

5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)

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The Evolution brand is ranked as one of the best overall brands that produce high-quality products in the market. Therefore, a top Drill Press machines list is somewhat incomplete without the Evolution Heavy Duty Industrial Magnetic Drill.

The Evolution Drill Press is a heavy-duty machine ideal for railway building, bridge construction, and building construction. The capability to handle all these workloads is what stands it out amongst others.

Its motor is rated 10 Amp. This enables you to handle heavy-duty workloads as a powerful motor is always essential to the working capacity of any tool.

It also has a durable double dovetail slide which helps you make high precision holes throughout the lifespan of the press. The double dovetail slides preserve the essence of the machine.

Another feature that ensures that you make only accurate holes is the rugged 2-stage magnet. This has about 2860 lbs. of holding force which helps to keep the machine drills in position to make the perfect hole.


  • Versatile – Suitable for building construction, railway maintenance, and bridge-building.
  • Magnetic Adhesion – Enables drilling with precision and less effort
  • Lightweight – You can carry it around without breaking a sweat.
  • Carrying case – For easy and compact storage of the machine

  • Low Cutting Depth – Has 2-inch cutting depth

3. Hougen HMD904

Best Features  Hougen HMD904...

  • High Precision Drilling System.
  • Integrated Coolant System
  • Lightweight

My Overall Rating

5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)

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The Hougen HMD904 is yet another excellent machine that has brilliant features and the best functions to suit the needs of woodworkers and construction workers.

Being a portable machine, it will ensure you are comfortable when moving it around. This accounts for the ease of using the tool. The fact that it is constructed with light materials also enhances its portability.

The Hougen HMD904 features the use of a magnetic base as having a 2-stage magnet is essential in drill press machines. It helps to ensure precision while drilling.

It has a Pilot Light feature that allows you to make use of the machine for both low light and no light conditions.  This pilot light feature also ensures greater hole accuracy; especially in low light conditions.

The drilling depth and capacity is quite sufficient for all kinds of projects.

This makes the machine very versatile and as such, allowing you to drill various materials, either soft or hard.

The powerful Hougen Drill Press Machine features a hidden motor cord to protect the cord from unnecessary damage or contact.

For easy maneuverability, the machine comes with a carrying case that allows easy compact storage.


  • Powerful and versatile – The motor is powerful and able to handle multiple projects.
  • Lightweight – It is easy to move around
  • Carrying Case and Other Accessories – Optional accessories are included to turn your drill into a Portable machine shop and has a carrying case for easy movement
  • Pilot Light – It helps in low light and no light condition

  • It works pretty bad when it’s not lubricated.

4. Shop Fox W1848

Best Features  Shop Fox W1848...

  • Tilting Table for Versatility
  • 3-piece Spindle Sander Drum Kit
  • Ideal for Drilling and Sanding Operations

My Overall Rating

5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)

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The Shop Fox W1848 is a  floor-standing drill press with multiple benefits. One of such benefits is that it can perform sanding functions. It features a unique oscillating spindle that allows for efficient contour sanding.

Conversion from drilling operations to sanding operations is very seamless and takes place without the need for any additional tool. The tool allows you to handle both sanding and drilling activities without breaking a sweat; versatility at the highest levels!

Another feature that makes this machine very versatile is the fact that the table can be tilted 90 degrees towards either direction to fit different use cases. Be it sanding or drilling, the tilted table can contain different workpieces at different angles.


  • Versatility– Perfect tool for drilling holes and smoothening woodwork finishing
  • Tilting Table – Ability to tilt the table 90degree to both left and right.
  • Adjustable Table Height – You can adjust the table height and tilt for workpiece and special drilling or sanding angles.

  • Unable to handle heavy-duty tasks.

5.WEN 4208

Best Features  WEN 4208T...

  • Five-speed operation
  • Powerful and versatile
  • 1/2-inch key chuck

My Overall Rating

5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)

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Another portable yet quality drill press machine is the WEN 4208 drill press that comes with all the accessories and necessary manuals to assemble it.

WEN 4208 has an easy-to-use and intuitive design. Making use of the machine requires no form of cumbersome training or skill; just about anyone could get a hang of it in a short period of time. Operating at multiple speeds makes it suitable for multiple use cases.

The horsepower induction motor offers sufficient power to drill through both wood and soft metal. Succinctly, this machine can be used for both woodworks and some soft metal works.

It features an adjustable locking depth that ensures that you make only precise drills.  The adjustable locking depth helps to manually set the depth adjustment knobs to limit your spindle travel beyond the required limits thus helping to deliver accurate drilling operations.

This machine’s onboard key storage allows you to place your chuck key on the attached vital storage to avoid losing the key when needed.

It is a compact and versatile device to limit space on your workbench. It can drill up to a ½-inch hole in heavy-duty cast iron.


  • Adjustable Locking Depth – This allows you to set how deep you want the holes to be precisely.
  • Onboard Key Storage – Helps to store the chuck key
  • Beveling Work Table – For precise angle holes
  • Cast Iron Base – Helps to ensure the balance during operation.

  • Low density – cannot handle materials with high density.

Buyer’s Guide About Drill Presses

Drill presses are very vital to making holes in hard materials. They provide precision holes to ensure firmness when the screws are finally placed in the holes. As a matter of fact, if the holes are not properly made in such hard materials, the screws won’t fit properly and one might end up with something shaky.

If you are looking for the best benchtop drill presses then you should check our list. We listed 5 products that we think will fill your needs. Except for that, our buyer's guide also explains all the features a drill press needs to have if you want to get good results.

Therefore, drill presses are not just vital to making holes, they are vital to building solid structures such as furniture, metalworks, buildings, etc.

This is why it is very important that the best equipment, I.e. the best drill presses are used to make holes in any construction project.

This buyer’s guide is expected to help you ensure that when you try to get a drill press for your project, you get the best one. The following are the things you should look out for to make the right choice.

The Induction Motor Capacity

The capacity of the motor determines the functionality of the drill press machines. The motor capacity varies from one press to another, however, the standard motor capacity is 10 Amp. The best drill presses have this capacity.

Although, getting a machine below this capacity does not reduce the quality or standard of the machine. This primarily depends on your work size. Consider your workload to choose the one that will function correctly for you.

This will safeguard you from getting the wrong machine. Getting a drill press machine that is below your work size will definitely be challenging to work with…

The Unit

The unit is the space in which you fit in your drill press machine.

Consider the platform that will perfectly suit your working space. Your work capacity will also determine which one to choose.

The benchtop models of drill press are tightened on a benchtop to ensure that you can easily maneuver the workpiece. The floor-standing models are designed with sturdy stands to firmly place the machine on a unique angle for a better experience.

For DIY (Do-It-Yourself) projects, the floor-standing drill press might be suitable to some extent, but for a professional or commercial woodworker, the benchtop drill press is the perfect option to choose.

Speed Adjustment

Majorly, all drill presses come with some speed adjustment, and the model’s quality primarily determines this.

All types of drill presses have speed adjustment integrated into them, but not all are up to standard and a reasonable working condition. The materials you are working on are what will determine the speed adjustment you should choose.

Consider the drill press with a speed adjustment that can be toned down to a slower operating speed while working on metal or high-density materials and a faster speed while working on specific kinds of wood.

This will help you make quality and precise drills irrespective of the material you are working on.


A lightweight drill press allows you to transport the machine from one location to another easily. Consider the portability of the drill press before making a choice. The high-quality drill press machines are designed with light materials for easy handling and maneuver.

A stationed drill press might be suitable for the DIY projects but not ideal for commercial use. Heavyweight machines will be difficult to transport to your job site or workshop, and also, it will be difficult to store.

Therefore, considering the materials used in constructing the drill press machine is very vital.


Versatile drill press machines deliver you from the stress and cost of getting extra function machines. Primarily, a drilling machine is for making holes, shapes, and the likes.

But the high-quality drill press machines are constructed with advanced technology, which makes them suitable to handle some other functions different from drilling. For instance, some drilling machines can be used for sanding as well.

A high-quality drill press should be able to handle sanding and some other functions. Giving your woodwork the perfect finishing requires sanding, which is the smoothening of the surface. Consider the drill press that offers you versatile functions ranging from drilling, sanding, and others.

Safety and User Experience

Various brands have different approaches to ensure your safety when handling the drill press machines.

The magnetic drill allows both first-time users and casual users to use the machine comfortably without hurting themselves or damaging the drill. The flicker switch is an excellent way to prevent the drill press machine from accidentally engaging when not in use.

This switch also ensures an easy start and off. The quick-changing chunk allows you to easily change the drill bits before or even while using the machine at high speeds.

Considering the machine’s safety is very important to deliver optimum comfort, prevent you from getting hurt through the machine, and also ensure the durability of the machine itself.

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The maintenance of the drill press machine is essential to maintaining the machine for a long time.

Considering the serviceability while making your choice is crucial as this will help you maintain the machine to elongate its lifespan.

Final Thoughts

Having read through the detailed features of these drill press machines, their unique functions, and the best things to consider when getting a drill press for your construction works, we believe you’ve gotten an in-depth knowledge of what the drill press machine entails.

Although it was quite a close call, the DeWalt DWE1622K comes out on top as our top pick amongst the best drill presses. It boasts of a highly durable setup and a versatile mode of operation. We are sure you’ll love it.

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