Best Women’s Tool Belt: Pink & Other Colors Included!

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I’m sure that you have seen a lot of male workers wearing a tool belt. But, did you know that women wear tool belts too?

Finding a women’s tool belt is as hard as finding a man’s tool belt. You need to find a durable tool belt with a lot of pockets. If you are a woman that doesn’t have any experience in this field then choosing a good tool belt won’t be easy.

But, fortunately for you, we have made a list of top 5 best women’s tool belt.  The list includes different tool belts with different prices, pockets, features, etc. We have even listed 3 tool belts that come with a pink color to make you look even better.

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Best Women’s Tool Belt

1. Leather Gold Tool Belt for Women | Womens Pink Tool Belt 3450 

Best Features  Leather Gold...

  • Pink Color
  • Great Design
  • Durable

My Overall Rating

5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)

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The Leather Gold comes first at our best tool belt for women’s list. I’m a man and I really love the color of this tool belt, its just very good and it makes girls look really good while wearing it. But this tool belt isn’t just a fashionable design tool belt, it’s much more.

It is tough and made to last long. The tool belt is made of natural leather, more accurately is made of 1.75 – 2.0 mm gauge leather. The material makes the tool very comfortable and easy to wear for long periods.

The Leather Gold Tool Belt comes with 10 pockets that are separated on two big pouches on each side. What makes these pouches special is that you can move them and place them whenever you want.  It also has 3 hammer holders, one on each side and one on the center of the tool belt. It’s safe to say that you have more than enough room to store all your tools here.

To make the tool even more durable, the Women’s Pink Tool Belt 3450 has its stitching reinforced. It is reliable for home-use and heavy-duty tasks.  It fits waists from 30-inches to 44-inches.


  • 10 Pockets – More than enough space for all your tools!
  • Durable – Made of 1.75 – 2.0 mm natural gauge leather
  • Hammer Hangers- It comes with 3 hammer hangers

  • Costs more than the other tool belts listed here but in my opinion, it is worth every penny.

2. The Original Pink Box PB2BELT Tool Belt

Best Features  The Original...

  • Pink Color
  • Adjustable Belt
  • Comfortable

My Overall Rating

5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)

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The first thing you will notice about this tool belt is the color. It comes with a great pink color that looks good in anyone.  You can get the job done and you will look good at the same time.

If you are a woman that wants to look good all the time, then this tool belt is perfect for you
This pink tool belt features 10 pockets, where two of them are big pockets that can be used to store bigger tools. Except for that, it also has a hammer loop, screwdriver slots, and many other features.

It is lightweight and comfortable, it also features an adjustable belt.

The belt comes with double pink loops, which make the tool look even better.
It can be used for different things, you can store your gardening tools, art supplies, it can also be used by hairstylists to have easier and faster access to their scissors.


  • Pink – It comes with an eye-catching color that will make you look good
  • 10 Pockets – 2 big pouches, hammer loop, screwdriver slots, etc.
  • Adjustable – It has an adjustable belt that has double pink loops.

  • It doesn’t come with a shoulder strap


3. CLC Custom Leathercraft I370X3 

Best Features  CLC Custom...

  • Made For Construction Work
  • Wide Belt 
  • Enough Space

My Overall Rating

5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)

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Although the CLC Custom Leathercraft I370X3 tool belt doesn’t come with a pink color, this can still be used by a woman. This tool belt features 8 pockets total , 4 of them are big pockets that are mostly used for nails and tools, and the other 4 are smaller pockets that are usually used for nail sets, pencils, etc.  2 of these pockets are located in front for easier access. So its safe to say that this tool belt has enough space for all of your tools.

This tool belt is made for construction work but it can be used for other things too. The tool belt is made of heavy-duty suede leather which gives the tool a longer life.  The belt is made of poly web and is 2 inches wide, it features a quick-release buckle and it fits waists size of between 29 inches to 46 inches.

The reason I like this tool belt is that it comes in different sizes, meaning that it can be used by everyone and because it is comfortable. It is worth giving it a try.


  • 8 Pockets – 4 big pockets, 4 small pockets, and a hammer loop.
  • Belt- The belt features a quick-release buckle
  • Material – It is made of heavy-duty suede leather

  • The pockets are a little too tight

4. Born Tough 4-PRW 

Best Features  Born Tough...

  • Pink Color
  • Comfortable
  • 9 Pockets

My Overall Rating

5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)

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If you are looking for a tool belt that is stylish, durable and good at the same time then this one is the perfect choice for you.  The Born Tough 4-PRW features an eye-catching pink color that will make anyone look good on it.

It has enough room for all of your tools. It features 9 pockets, 6 of these pockets are smaller and used for small tools, 2 of them are bigger and used for bigger tools, and it also comes with a center pocket that is usually used to store your tape measure and it has 2 hammer loops on each side.

Don’t let the pink color fool you, this tool belt is durable. It is made of Suede leather on both sides.  It has a fully adjustable belt that features a quick-release buckle. It is comfortable and easy to hold because it doesn’t weigh a lot. It only weighs 2 pounds.


  • 9 Pockets – 6 big pockets, 2 small pockets, 1 center pocket made for tape measure
  • Lightweight- Weighs only 2 pound
  • Durable – Made of Suede leather on both sides
  • Hammer Loops – It comes with 2 hammer loops on each side

  • Not recommended for construction work

5. Task Tools T77250 

Best Features  Task Tools...

  • Comfortable
  • 2 Hammer Loops
  • Durable

My Overall Rating

5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)

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The Task Tools T77250 may not come with a pink color or make you look better, but it comes with great features. This tool belt comes with 5 pockets on different sizes . It has more than enough space to hold all of your tools.

Although we don’t recommend using this type of tool belt for construction work, this tool belt is still durable. The Task Tools T77250 is made of split leather, which is a known material for durability.

The belt is 2 inches wide and it comes with a quick-release buckle. It also has two hammer holders, one of them is a semi-rigid harness leather hammer holder and the other one is a rust-resistant nickel-plated.


  • 5 Pockets – Various-sized
  • Lightweight- Weighs 1.2 pound
  • Durable – Made of Split Leather
  • Hammer Loops – It comes with 2 hammer loops

  • The buckle can be finicky.

Best Women’s Tool Belt – Buyers Guide

In our best tool belts for women’s list, we have included 5 different tool belts. If for some reason you still can’t decide which one to get then make sure to read this buyer’s guide to help you make an easier decision.


Material is probably the most important factor when it comes to women’s tool belt. The material will determine the weight, looks, and the longevity of the tool belt.

If you will be using the tool belt for heavy-duty/constructing work then its recommended to use bags that are made from leather.  The leather is resistant to abrasion and will last longer.

If you can’t find or afford bags that are made from leather then you can go for the second-best choice which is nylon. The quality and price of nylon may vary from design and fabric density. It may not be wear-resistant as the leather material, but it’s a lightweight and cheap material that will last a lot.


Capacity is important, after all, you are buying a tool belt to hold all your tools, right? Yes. But how do you measure the capacity of the tools belt? Easy, by the number of pockets.

It may depend on how many of the pockets are big and how many are small, but the rule of thumb is that the more pockets a tool has the more space it has.  Depending on the tasks, you may need a bigger or smaller tool belt.  To know how many pockets you actually need, it’s recommended to count the tools you are going to use and see if the tool belt you are buying has enough space.

Another thing that people need to look into is the waist size. Make sure to check if the tool you are buying fits your waist size.


The best tool belts for women are the ones that you can adjust and customize. If you can move the pockets and place whenever you want them then that’s a big bonus. Although many tools belts come with static pockets, there are some models that allow you to add/remove the pockets.

The color of the tool belt doesn’t determine the quality or anything else, but if you are a woman and want to look good then a pink tool belt can be your best choice. In fact, 3 of the tool belts I listed here come with a pink color.

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Final Words For Best Tool Belts For Women’s

.If you are looking for a durable yet usable tool belt then you can pick any of the models we have listed above. Keep in mind to check the space and the waist size before buying so you can know if it will fit you and if it has enough space for all of your tools.

The list of best women’s tool belts contains different tools with different prices, materials, and sizes. We hope this guide will help you make an easier and better choice.

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