How to Paint Spray in Cold Weather?

how to paint spray during winter?Paint Spraying isn’t hard. Every day more and more people decide to do it alone instead of hiring a professional painting company.

The biggest reason why people don’t hire a professional is to save money. If you have a lot of free time and looking for a new hobby then I totally recommend you to watch some tutorials and read some of our blog posts and to start to paint spray your house.

If you decide to paint spray by your self that means that it will take you a lot of time and you may face different problems.

Paint Spraying is recommended to be done during spring or summer, but if for some reason you have to do on cold weather or winter that means you may face a lot more difficulties.

But no worries! Luckily for you, we have paint sprayed enormous times during winter, and we know all the difficulties you may face and how to avoid or solve them.

Temperature plays a big role for you and for the tools especially if you are working outside.  That’s why you need to have quality paint sprayers and gears. If you don’t, then you may not be able to complete this task successfully.

If you are looking for quality paint sprayers then you can check our review blog where we have reviewed and listed the best paint gun for beginners.

Read the following guide will help you identify all the problems and you may face, solve them and get the best finish quality you can get in cold weather.

How to paint spray during winter?

You should always clean the spray gun before starting to work

– There’s a reason why I have listed this as the first thing to do. As you know during winter a lot of tools and stuff can freeze. You don’t want to prepare the surface and do everything else just to find out that you need to unfreeze the paint sprayer.

That’s why the first thing to do when you decide to paint spray during cold weather is to check your paint sprayer condition.  And if your paint sprayer is clear that will help you avoid later problems such as jamming or clogging.

After you clean your paint sprayer make sure to clean your surface 

Cleaning the surface should be your second thing to do when you paint spray. Not only in cold weather but in normal weather too. In cold weather, if there’s any snow on the surface you want to try to get rid of it, and if possible try to dry the surface.

Check if there’s any moisture left and try to get rid of it since it can cause problems later.  If you are working inside such as: painting your kitchen walls or your kid’s room then I recommend you to get our post on how to clean walls before painting. It is a really important post that you should read that will help you to get better finish quality.

Check the temperature

I know this should be the first thing to do. But if you paint spray during winter then it means you have a lot of free time and just want to keep yourself busy or that object that you are paint spraying really needs to be sprayed.

So, if you decide to paint spray during winter then you know that it’s gonna be cold so there’s no need to check the temperature since it is gonna be probably freezing. But try to check the temperature for the next day. If it’s warmer then you should probably wait.

Also, depending on the quality of the paint you have, the paint may freeze if the temperature is really low, which will make the paint sprayer impossible to work. So, always make sure to buy high-quality paint and store it in a warm temperature room.

Follow the paint spray manual

Every new paint sprayer comes with a manual. It is recommended to read it before starting to work with paint sprayers even if you are not working in cold weather. There are a lot of different paint sprayers, and every one of them reacts differently on cold weather.

If you are lucky enough your paint sprayer may have some features that will help you work on cold weather and get better results. If you are looking for a high-quality paint sprayer that will give you great finishing result then I recommend you to check the paint sprayers we have reviewed.

Protect the surface you just painted 

After you painted a surface you need to wait for it to dry. Since it’s winter and it may start to snow or the weather may become windy then you need to protect the surface until it dries.

Keep in mind that on cold weather the surface may take a longer time to dry since the paint stays softer for longer and you can easily mark it. So make sure to protect the surface once you are done paint spraying it.

Do a few tests

And once you have done all the things above it is go time! But before you start paint spray the surface you wanted, make sure to do a few tests on cardboard.

That will help you to check how the paint sprayer is working, the color quality and many other things. Make sure to do these test on a cardboard every time you want to spray paint something.



Spray painting on cold weather may be hard, but if you have to do it and if you follow all the steps we mentioned then you won’t face any big problems and you can complete the task easily. Make sure that you are wearing gloves and try not to rush things just because it’s cold.

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