How To Remove Paint From Skin? [NATURAL WAY]

If you ever used a paint sprayer before you will know that removing paint from your skin isn’t easy. You can try to wash it up and it still may be there. Not allowing the paint to be on your skin for a long time is really important.

As you may know, paint has a lot of chemicals that can hurt, burn or damage your skin in any other way. It can cause an allergic reaction to a lot of people, especially for kids. Paint is super dangerous for kids. Keep the kids away from your paint sprayer and from the paint. This can happen with paint rollers too. Although I totally recommend you to use paint sprayers.

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Once you get a little more experience you will get more precise with your paint sprayer and you will reduce this problem. But until that time comes you still have to remove the paint from the skin every time you want to paint something.

Also, your paint sprayers play a big role in your accuracy. Low-quality paint sprayers are not that accurate when spraying. Having a high-quality paint sprayer will help you reduce this problem a lot because all the paint will go directly to the surface you are painting.

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Down below we will write a short but effective guide on how to remove paint from your skin and how to get better at using paint sprayers?

How to remove paint from your skin?

how to remove paint from skin?

The first thing you should do is obvious. You should have safety gears. Not only for paint spraying but when you are using any tool you should have safety gears. Such as goggles, gloves, and coveralls. In my opinion, goggles are the most important gear to have.

They will protect your eyes from paint and other things that can harm your eyes. Having paint on your skin is another thing but having paint on your eyes is really bad.  You don’t want that so that’s why every time you decide to work with a paint sprayer or any other tool that can harm you, you should wear at least goggles.

You should also wear gloves. Using gloves while you’re working with paint sprayers may reduce this problem to 50%. But there’s still a chance that the paint may end up in your face, legs or somewhere else. That’s you should wear coveralls. Coveralls are extremely helpful, they will prevent the paint from touching your skin.

If you have coveralls that are made for paint sprayers then you can work with paint sprayers without having to worry about paint on your skin.

But no everyone has safety gears, and not everyone wants to spend money on safety gears.  Of course, there are a lot of paint removers on the market. But they can have toxic chemicals and can harm your skin.

They harm my skin so I never use them, but my work colleagues use them without a problem. It all depends if your skin is sensitive or not. If your skin is, then try to follow my natural way of removing paint from skin.

I have been using this for a few years and it always worked. It should work for you too.  You don’t have to go outside and buy any product for this method, we will be using all the products that you can find around your house.

The things/products you will need for this method

  1. Plastic Bow
  2. Hot Water
  3. Soap
  4. Toothbrush(try finding an old one)
  5. Tissue Paper
  6. Towel

Note: The water should not be boiling hot, cool it a little before using it.

After you find all these things, this is what you should do next …

  1. Test the water –  Try testing the water on your skin. If it’s too hot your then try to cool it down below using it. But don’t use completely cold water.
  2.  Use the soap into the painted areas – Take the soap and try to rub into the painted area. If the paint on your skin is still wet then rub it a little before going to the next step. If it’s dry then try to rub it a little harder before going to step three. In both cases rub it until the paint starts loosening.
  3.  Wet the toothbrush with warm water 
  4.  Use the toothbrush in the painted areas –  The soap should do its job by loosening the paint a little, now take the toothbrush and brush the painted areas. In most cases, the paint should be easily removed. Don’t try to rush things by trying to remove all the paint with one take.
  5.  Use the Tissue paper to dry your skin 

It’s not recommended to try and get rid of all the paint with one take. I do this process at least 3 or 6 times. You can do it more or less it all depends on your skin type and how much paint you have on your skin.

Once you are done you can dry your skin with a towel.  And this is it guys, a natural way to get rid of paint on your skin. You still can try other products and lotions that are specially made to remove paint from your skin.

But if you want a method with only natural products then I recommend you to use ours. We hope this method works for you and helps you to get rid of the paint on your skin.

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