Tramontina Cookware Reviews – Are they worth it?

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I think you will agree with me when I say that if you are new and you start looking for the best cookware you will understand how hard is to decide which one to get.

The biggest reason for this is that there are many different options in today’s market, and many different brands such as All-clad, Calphalon, Cuisinart. But today we won’t be talking about any of these three brands but instead, we will be talking about Tramontina Cookware Reviews.

Here’s the list of the cookwares we reviewed, at the end of the post you can also find a detailed review for each of the cookwares listed here.

Product NameDetailsPrice
Tramontina 80116/247DS

  • You will get a tri-ply pan
  • Heats Fast
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Tramontina 15-Piece Hard Anodized

  • You will get a All-purpose set”

  • You will get a set with 15-pieces
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Tramontina is an old brand founded in Brazil in 1911. A good reason why they are still listed as a top brand from 1911 until today is that it produces one of the best cookware you can find on the market. Tramontina makes cookware lines for many markets. Their price is really low if you compare it to big brands, but their quality is really high, a lot of times even better then expensive cookware.

A big difference between Tramontina and other brands is that Tramontina has different kinds of cookware. You can find cookware with ceramic, PTFE non-stick, enamel or any other kind. You can also choose a different color. This means you can get a really high-quality product from them and still pay less money then you would if you choose another brand.

Since this brand offers a lot of different options, there are not many things left to say in general about them, so instead let’s talk about specific product reviews.


Tramontina Cookware Reviews

1. Tramontina 80116/247DS Gourmet Stainless Steel Review

Best Features Tramontina...

  • Easy To Use
  • Good Handle Design
  • NSF Certified

My Overall Rating

5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)

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At first, the only reason why I ordered this pan was that I just started taking an online cooking class, now its been a few years since that and all I can say that this model is perfect. I have used it to cook stir fry, I have roasted chicken and many other things.

Using the classic pans will only make lose more time and probably the food won’t have the same taste. Usually, classic pots or low-quality pots only heat from the bottom, which makes the food inside only to heat from the bottom. But Tramontina 80116/247DS Gourmet Stainless Steel doesn’t do that, this model not only heats from the bottom but also heat from all sides. Therefore, the food will heat faster and better!

Tramontina’s tri-ply clad cookware is a really good investment that will prove itself each time you use it. The heat control is kinda tricky since it heats really fast and it took me a while in order to get good at it. It has Tri-Ply Clad Construction which means it comes with three metal layers ( 18/10 stainless steel, Aluminum Core, Magnetic Stainless Steel). They help the food to heat evenly.

There are a lot of other benefits that I have not noticed yet or that I haven’t listed here. But keep in mind that I have used this cookware for different things and for a long time and still haven’t noticed any problem with it! Let’s take a look at the benefits this model offers

Benefits You Will Get
  • You will get a tri-ply pan. Almost all pans are tri-ply but the difference with this one is that the tri-ply is all the way and not only at the bottom. Therefore, when the food you are cooking touches the sides of the pan the food will not scorch like it happens to other models.
  • You will get a really high-quality pan with a perfect handle design which allows you to hold the pan easily for a long time. And the handle doesn’t get hot at all.
Things I liked
  • It’s made in Brazil and not China
  • The handle is really lightweight
  • Heats fast
  • Easy to clean
  • NSF Certified
Things I didn't Like
  •  It has gradual sides which makes it really hard to flip food

2. Tramontina 15-Piece Hard Anodized Cookware Review

Best Features Tramontina...

  • All-purpose set
  • Easy To Clean
  • StainLess Steel Handles

My Overall Rating

5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)

More detailed review ↴

As we said earlier in this post, non-sticks can help you cook better or worse it depends on your style and the food you are cooking. Since we already talked about a ceramic non-stick, let’s talk about a PTFE non-stick.

If you ask me PTFE non-stick (Teflon-esque) are better than ceramic non-stick. But that’s just me. A good reason why I liked them better is that with ceramic ones you need to use a little oil to get better results. But with PTFE ‘s you don’t need oil at all, they tend to work perfectly without any oil at all. Therefore, they are more effective when you are cooking healthy and they may even help you lose weight.

This one isn’t dishwasher safe, you can only hand-wash it, but cleaning it is really easy and it won’t take too much time. Since it’s made from hard-anodized aluminum it tends to have a really long life and it’s really quality. Like almost all cookware this one also is suitable for gas, electric and ceramic glass.

Like all the cookware around this one too has its own benefits, it’s pros and it’s cons. I will try to mention a few benefits and also the things I liked and didn’t like about this cookware.

Benefits You Will Get
  • You will get an “All-purpose set”. In other words, it means that you will get a lot of different kinds of frying pans, pots and many other things as well that will help you cook almost anything in your kitchen.
  • You will get a set with 15 pieces.
Things I liked
  • The handles are made from stainless steel which will help you to hold the sets easier and also provide stability and strength as well
  • They are easy to clean even though it can take up a few minutes in order to clean
  • It can take up to 350 degrees F in the oven
  • Cooks evenly and they look great
Things I didn't Like
  • It’s not dishwasher safe. Even though it may be easy to clean, sometimes you really don’t have enough time or energy to hand-wash them.

3. Tramontina 80157/505DS Ceramic Cookware Set Review


My second choice for the best Tramontina cookware set is this one. This model is made of aluminum and it’s resistant to scratches. It comes with an easy to clean ceramic interior and also it claims that is dishwasher safe.

Since this model is a non-stick pan that can be a plus or minus while you are cooking. It depends on your cooking style and it also depends what food you are cooking. Although Tramontina claims that this model is dishwasher safe that can harm the non-stick ceramic faster then it would if you only hand wash them.

We all know that the non-stick ceramic doesn’t last, and there’s no exception here. Even if you use them safely, using only a small amount of oil, use small heat or any other trick you still will end up replacing the ceramic after a few years. Unless you are lucky. But since this is ceramic non-stick and not PTFE non-stick that means the ceramic will only become stickier. So you can still use the pots and pans for smaller tasks such as boiling water.

Although this model (and almost all Tramontina models) has a lifetime warranty, that warranty doesn’t include changing the non-stick ceramic.

Let’s have a look at the benefits you will get if you decide to use this model and also I will try to mention things I liked and things I didn’t like while using this model.

Benefits You Will Get

  • You will get a top cooking performance with them. The pots and pans will heat fast and when you are done they will cool down pretty fast.You will get an aluminum non-stick pan that is dishwasher safe. Although I recommend to only hand-wash them.
  • You will get a set with 11 pieces.

Things I liked

  • Easy to Clean
  • Silicon handles that are comfortable and stable while holding the cookware

Things I didn't Like

  • Even that this model is dishwasher safe after a few years the non-stick ceramic might get damaged from it.


In this post, I tried to list the best Tramontina Cookwares. So,you may get the first choice, second or third one and you will end up getting quality cookware. It all depends on how you are gonna use them and what you are gonna cook.

You can get the third choice instead of the second one if you want to lose weight and cook food without using oil, and if you want more pieces on your kitchen ,or you can get the second choice instead of the third one if you want to use more oil on your food and you want a cookware that is dishwasher free .

So, to answer the question – Are they worth it? Yes, they definitely are.


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