LVLP Spray Guns Vs HVLP Spray Guns – What is the difference?

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You will have to agree with me when I say that there are a lot of different spray guns, which makes you have a harder job in finding the one you actually need. But, today I’m gonna explain the difference between LVLP spray guns and HVLP spray guns.

A lot of people don’t know their difference, and I don’t blame them. Their name is almost the same, and they look almost the same, which makes it, even more, harder to know which one you are buying and end up buying the wrong one. If you are one of these people then make sure to read this guide which will show you the differences between HVLP spray guns and LVLP spray guns as well their advantaged and disadvantages and much more.

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What are HVLP spray guns?

paint sprayers reviewToday one of the most used spray guns are HVLP spray guns. The “HVLP” stands for ” High Volume Low Pressure”. In other words, it produces a high volume output while using very little pressure.

This means you will be able to control the spray gun easier and at the same time you will be spending much less material while the color quality will be very high. Of course, it consumes a lot more energy if you compare it to an LVLP spray gun because it uses more compressed air. This kind of spray guns mostly produces somewhere near 100 CFM at 4-9 CFM.

HVLP spray guns are mostly used for DIY projects and are used by people who first try spray guns. They are not recommended to use for professional jobs because most of them are slower than LVLP spray guns and they tend to use more compressed air while they also struggle on thicker paintings.

Among many other features that HVLP spray guns have the best one is that it saves a lot of your material. There is no wasted paint, all the paint goes to the surface, none of the painting is wasted by going into the atmosphere.

One of the many reasons why this happens is because the government has obligated many of the HVLP units to design the spray guns on that way to protect the environment.

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Since HVLP spray guns are good and are the most used spray guns on the market that means that there are a lot of guides, videos that will help you to understand how they work and how to use them. We have also written a lot of guides as well for spray guns which will help you a lot.

Our favorite HVLP Spray gun:

What are LVLP spray guns?

what are lvlp paint sprayers?On this website, we have talked a lot about LVLP spray guns because they are the most used tool by us and many people. The LVLP stands for “Low Volume Low Pressure”. If you are looking for a spray gun that will fulfill all your needs then this is your go.

The best feature that this spray gun has, is that it has a really good transfer efficiency. Which on other words mean that there won’t be any wasted paint and the color quality will the high.

The biggest difference between HVLP spray guns and LVLP spray guns is that LVLP spray guns need a lower amount of PSI in order to work perfectly somewhere near 10 PSI, you can use almost any air compressor and the LVLP spray gun will still work perfectly.

Almost every air compressor on the market will do for lvlp spray guns, even the cheapest one. But using cheap and low-quality air compressors are not very recommended because the air compressor is one of the most vital elements that help the spray gun performance.

Using low-quality air compressor may affect the color quality. In other words, cheap quality compressors may end up being more expensive then the high-quality ones because you may end up re-painting the object if you get a bad quality color.

If you are planning to paint thicker object then lvlp are not recommended. These two paint sprayer models look the same and they look really a high-quality tool, but just like for every tool there are high-quality ones and low-quality ones. If you still haven’t bought yours or if you want to get a high-quality spray gun then make sure to read our post on how to choose the best lvlp spray guns, where we have listed our top 5 spray guns and we have listed as well all their pros and cons.

Our Favorite LVLP Spray Gun:

Pros and cons for both of these spray guns

As I have mentioned earlier every tool has its pros and its cons. This goes for spray guns as well. Knowing the pros and the cons of each of these two will make it easier for you to know which one will do the task you want to complete and which one will not.


You have to keep in mind that this type of spray guns have a really high-quality color and it doesn’t waste the material you are using. Another pro that this spray gun has is that is really good if you are planning to paint metallic objects, where LVLP is not so good.

Since this spray gun uses more volume and less pressure that means that most of the paint goes at the object.

HVLP cons

Even though these cons are not that bad I will still have to mention a few of them. The first disadvantage, if you compare it to LVLP, is that HVLP is way slower, but just because they are slow it doesn’t mean they are not high-quality.

Actually, at first, I wanted to name this as an advantage, because of the slowness it helps me see un-painted parts better.

Another con is the air compressor, you need to have a really big air compressor in order to make it work, which means you will have to pay even more for a bigger air compressor. And of course, the biggest reason people decide not to buy HVLP spray gun is their price, which is way higher than an LVLP spray gun. But of course that this tool is worth all the money.


The low volume that uses and the finish color quality, are the two best pros of this paint sprayer model. On top of that, this spray gun is really easy to use, even people who have never used one can figure it out after 2 or 3 attempts. And they are way faster than HVLP spray guns.

LVLP cons

The size of the pattern is quite small


Final Words

Both of these spray guns are high quality, it all depends on what you will use them and it depends on your own preferences. If you want to paint spray your kitchen cabinets then make sure to check our paint sprayers for kitchen cabinets review

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