Best Sanders For Paint Removal : Find The Best Paint Sanding Machines

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Removing paint will take you a lot of time, in order to complete this process faster, you will need to use different tools. One of the tools you definitely need is an electric sander to remove paint.

Since you may need to remove paint from a lot of different objects that means you need a powerful and fast sander to complete the task faster and better. Choosing the best sander for paint removal can be hard.

There are a lot of different models/types with different features. To make it easier for you we have listed our top 4 best sanders to remove paint we have ever used. So, if you are looking for some high-quality sanders then make sure to check our list down below!

Product NameDetailsPrice

Bosch Power Tools
  • Motor Power: 6.5 AMP
  • Speed : Mode I - 270/ 600 RPM. Mode II - 3,100/6,500 RPM
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Makita 9903 8.8 Amp 3-Inch-by-21-Inch Variable Speed Belt Sander
  • Motor Power: 8.8 AMP
  • Speed : 690-1,440 ft./min
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TACKLIFE Orbital Sander
  • Motor Power: 3.0 AMP
  • Speed : 13,000 OPM
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Wagner Spraytech 0513040
  • Motor Power: 3.2 AMP
  • Speed : 2000 RPM
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Best Sanders for Paint Removal – List

1. Bosch Power Tools – 1250DEVS – Electric Orbital Sander

Best Features  Bosch Power...

  • Powerful Motor
  • Variable Speed
  • Dual-Mode

My Overall Rating

5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)


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Our first tool for this list is this awesome Bosch Sander. This model comes with two different modes [ Dual-Mode Sander]. Depending on the needs & material you can use one or the other.

The first or random orbit mode is used for normal paint removal, this mode is slower than the other mode but you can use it when you need a fine finish. The other mode or the”turbo” driven eccentric orbit mode is used for aggressive paint removal, so if you have an object that the paint won’t go off then you can use this mode. The second mode is 5 times faster than the first one. Changing the modes is easy, all you have to do is to flip the lever.

It comes with a powerful motor [6.5 amp] that has variable speed.  The first speed settings is 270-600 RPM and the other one which is way faster is 3,100 – 6,500 RPM. In other words, this sander can be used for almost every type of material thanks to the powerful motor and the variable speed settings.

One thing I love about this tool is that it’s easy to use, you don’t have to be an “expert” to remove paint with this tool. Reading the manual will do most of the job in teaching you how to use it.

As you know, while removing paint with sanders you will make a huge mess especially if you are working inside the house. Most of the mess is created by dust. So if you are using this tool then you don’t have to worry about dust too much. This model comes with a passive dust collector system which requires a vacuum cleaner and hoses.

If you are in a hurry here are the pros and cons of this model!


  • DUAL-MODE – Two modes that can be changed easily. A normal mode which is slower and used for fine finishing, and a faster mode that is more “aggressive”.
  • Two-speed settings – I: 270-600 RPM, II: 3,100 – 6,500 RPM
  • Great Sanding Pads -Soft pads that will help you get a clean and smooth finish.

  • You need a vacuum cleaner [ which you need to buy separately ] in order to get the best of the passive dust collector system.

2. Makita 9903Best Sanders To Remove Paint

Best Features  Makita 9903 8.8...

  • Good Dust Collector
  • Powerful Motor
  • Quiet

My Overall Rating

5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)


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As you may know, there are two kinds of sanders that we use for paint removal. The orbital sander and the belt sander. Our #1 on the list was an orbital sander and this one is a belt sander. If you want to know the differences read the end of the post.

As we know, Sanders except for making a big mess with dust, they are also known for being too loud. But this 9903 sander model is one of the quietest sanders for its class. It comes with a really powerful motor [8.8 AMP] with variable speed settings [690-1,440 ft./min] that has an electronic speed control but still, the noise that this model makes is only 84 dB.

Except for making less noise, this model also comes with a dust bag collector that is very efficient and helps you collect most of the dust on your workplace. You can easily maneuver with this tool thanks to the 16.4-foot long power cord.

This model is a combination of speed and power and that’s why this one is mostly used by woodworking, furniture makers, and contractors. In other words, this model is used by people who know the differences between a good and a bad sander.

It is a stable belt sander that weighs 9.5 pounds. It comes with a sanding shoe that will help you get a better sanding depth control. It also has an auto-tracking belt system, that will track the belt automatically even if you didn’t adjust it.

Frequently Asked Questions

A. Can I use this model for different materials?
Yes, I have used this model to remove paint from wood, but I have also used it to remove paint from metal.

B. Can I use this model to remove layers old paint?
Yes, you just have to run it on a low speed and you will get a smooth and clean finish.

If you are in a hurry here are the pros and cons of this model!


  • Quiet – One of the quietest sanders on the market f.or its class. The noise that this model makes is only at 84dB.
  • Powerful Motor –  It comes with a powerful motor [8.8 AMP]
  • Variable Speed Settings –  [690-1,440 ft./min]  that can be adjusted by an electronic speed control that this model features.
  • Excellent Dust Collector – The dust bag collector does a great job of collecting the dust that is made by the sander.
  • Used by professionals


  • The dust collector does not have a standard hose.

 3. TACKLIFE Orbital SanderBest Electric Sander to Remove Paint

Best Features  TACKLIFE 5-Inch...

  • Good For DIYers
  • 6 Speed Settings!
  • Good Design

My Overall Rating

5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)


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If you are a DIYer then this may be the perfect tool for you. The Tacklife orbital sander it’s easy to use and will do a great job for small tasks. It comes with 6 different speed settings that you can easily change. The speed settings are 3.0A (350W) /13000 OPM.  As you can see the highest speed is 13,000 orbits per minute which is way faster than the traditional sanders.

One thing I love about this model its the design that this one has. It features a clean and ergonomic design. The Rubberized palm grip design will help you to have better control and its very comfortable. It can fit in very tight areas and help you remove paint from places you could never reach with traditional sanders. 

At the top of the design is the switch button which allows you to start the tool and shut down the tool very easily. Except for the ON/OFF switch button, at the top of the design, you can also easily change the speed settings and see at what speed settings you are [1/6].

This machine comes with a dust collector box which is located at the end of the machine. It is very efficient and once the dust collector box is filled, you can remove it from the machine, wash it, and put it back on the machine and continue the work.

It also comes with 12 sandpapers that will meet your requirements to remove paint from different materials such as wood, metal, plastic, etc.

It can be used indoors too, it doesn’t make a lot of noise and it doesn’t vibrate too much. But as I said, this is mostly used for small tasks. It is not recommended to use this machine to remove paint from walls.  If you are looking for a better and stronger sander then check our other tools in this list.

If you are in a hurry here are the pros and cons of this model!


  • Perfect for DIYers – Doesn’t make a lot of noise and it’s easy to use.
  • 6 Different Speed Settings –  3.0A (350W) /13000 OPM. A lot of times faster than a traditional sander.
  • Good Design – Clean design that will allow you to control the sander easier and it fits in tight areas as well.
  • Dust Collector Box – A dust collector box that is located at the end of the tool. Once it’s filled you can remove the box, clean it, and put it back again.
  • Comes with 12 sandpapers – It comes with 12 sandpapers that will help you remove paint from different materials.


  • It’s small – It can’t be used for big projects. And it is not recommended to use it to remove paint from walls.

4. Wagner Spraytech 0513040Best Sander to Remove Paint From Wood

Best Features  Wagner...

  • Good for beginners 
  • Smooth Finish
  • Durable Disks

My Overall Rating

5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)


More detailed review ↴

This “Wagner Spraytech 0513040″ is an ideal sander for paint removal. It comes with a powerful motor[3.2 amp] that will give you a smooth finish before re-painting. 

This model is known for removing paint, it is tough on paint, but when it comes to the surface it becomes gentle and it will give you a smooth finish. It’s fast, it operates at 2000 RPM which is a good combination of disk performance and user control.

It comes with an open web design that ensures to avoid the paint and dust from building up. Thanks to its design you can use it on different angles, you can use it on edge to remove paint chips, or you can use it in flat to remove paint and make a smooth finish.

If you are in a hurry here are the pros and cons of this model


  • You can control the tool easily
  • Easy to use
  • Durable Disks


  • The disks are durable, but if they break it will be hard to replace them since they are very expensive!

Best Sanders To Remove Paint – Buyers Guide

We have made a list of 4 different sanders for paint removal. Clearly, removing paint isn’t easy, you need a lot of patience but you also need a high-quality sander to complete the task of removing paint faster and better.

The two most used types of sanders are the belt and orbital sanders.

There are a few things a sander needs to have before you buy it. They need to be powerful, fast and have a good dust collector. If a sander has these features then it can be classified as the best sander for paint removal

Orbital Sanders

Orbital Sanders are faster. They usually have more OPMs which tells you how many motions does a sander make per minute. Having more OPM’s means the sander does more motions per minute and that equals removing paint faster and better. Thanks to its design these types of sanders are easier to control with one hand.

They have the advantage of being calmer than the other sanders or most of the power tools. So, if you are looking for an orbital sander paint removal then you check the #1 and the #3 in our list.

Belt Sanders

As I said before, alongside with orbital sander the belt sanders are the most used sander models. A big reason for this is because they have to needed features to complete most of the tasks, especially home tasks such as removing paint from old wood, etc.

Except for looking at which type of sander you need to buy, you also will have to look at the sander’s features, depending on the task you may need a sander that has a specific feature that will allow you to complete the task easier. Down below we will list the features and all the things a high-quality sander needs to have before buying it.


As I said before, removing paint isn’t easy. There’s a big reason why there are machines that will do the job for you. If you try to remove the paint by your hand it will take you a lot of time. That’s why you need Sanders.

If you are trying to remove paint from 0ld wood then you definitely need a Sander with a lot of power since that paint takes a lot of time and effort to get out.


Not only you need power but you also need speed in order to remove the paint better. To look at how fast a Sander can be you need to check how many RPMs it has. If you see s Sander that has 100 RPM’s that means that it will make 100 motions per minute.

Dust System Collector

Sander can do a good job of removing paint, but also they do a good job of making a mess. While removing paint you will make a huge mess. You don’t want a machine that blows dust all over the place. That’s why you need sanders that have a good dust collector system in order to avoid making a mess.

Final Words

We have listed the top 4 best sanders for paint removal and also wrote a buyers guide that will help you decide which one to get. But if you still don’t know which one to get then just get any of these 4 models that we have listed.

All of them are high-quality and they will do a great job of removing paint. You can also check our blog to learn how to sand different things. Such as how to sand metal?

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