How To Paint Spray Your House ? – Step By Step Guide

A lot of people asked me how can you paint your own house with a paint sprayer? This is a really hard task and if you decide to do this you have to be careful and not lazy. Because if you are not careful you will make a big mess, and that big mess will be your own house and everyone will see it, and that will make you feel very bad.

Usually, this job is done by professionals, but if you don’t have the money to pay them, or if you have a lot of free time and just want to get busy doing something, then you can totally do this by your own if you have a guide to follow.

If you want to know what rules and what guide I follow when I’m painting my or my client’s houses then make sure to read the tips down below that I provided for you.

How to paint spray your house?


Choosing the best paint sprayer

how to paint spray your house?Before starting to paint spray your house you need to have the best tools to complete the job and get the best results. Clearly, if you decide to do this task then you need to be prepared to paint a really big space.

If you want to paint a big area then I totally recommend you to go with a paint sprayer and not a paint roller.

Paint rollers are slow and the finish quality won’t be as good as if you used a paint sprayer. In the other hand, if you use paint sprayers you will complete the job 3x or 4x faster, and you won’t make a big mess. But choosing a paint sprayer is not an easy task.

There are a lot of different paint sprayers. The airless paint sprayers, LVLP paint sprayers, HVLP paint sprayers, tank sprayers, and each of them has a lot of different models which makes the choosing part really hard.

But luckily for you, I have been using paint sprayers for a long time and I know which one is good and which one is bad.

Usually, when I want to paint spray houses I use HVLP paint sprayers, you can use other paint sprayers as well but I prefer HVLP. If you want to see which HVLP paint sprayers I recommend then you should my review section.

You can also use different paint sprayers for different tasks. For example, I use HVLP Spray guns for woodworking if I have to spray an object that is made from wood.

Or, if you are a beginner that never used a paint sprayer before then make sure to read our post about the best spray guns for beginners.

Also, I have a lot of posts that show you how to use an HVLP paint sprayer and different tips and trick that will help you get better results.

Find the best paint sprayer for you

how to find the best paint sprayers for home use?

As I said, I use HVLP paint sprayers but that doesn’t mean that you should use them too. There are a lot of different paint sprayers that you can use.

I use HVLP’s because they don’t atomize the paint, and it provides high volume while using less pressure. Which means that the chances for you to over-spray an object are really low.

In the other hand the airless paint sprayers are really noisy, so if you decide to paint something you have to be prepared to get a headache when you are done, but they are good for amateurs who never used a paint sprayer before.

And if you go for more high priced airless paint sprayer you will get more features and more power. So this is all up to you.

Prepare the surface

Before starting to paint spray your house you need to prepare the surface you are going to work on. If there’s any broken part on your walls then you have to repair it first or replace it. You need to make the surface smooth.

Paint sprayers have done a good job on controlling where the paint goes, but still, you can’t totally control the paint. While spraying you can accidentally spray other objects that you don’t want to spray, that will make a huge mess and it will take you a long time to fix it.

In order to prevent this from happening it’s recommended to cover all the objects near the space, you are spraying. If the space that you don’t want to accidentally spray is small then you can use tape to cover it.

Before starting to spray you need to cover the windows and doors of your house with plastic and tape as well.

This may take you a long time to do, but once you are done covering all the things and setting up the paint sprayer then you are ready to go. Clearly, it will consume you a lot of time to fully spray paint your house, but once you are done your house will look totally different and you will be glad that you have done it.

Start the painting process

Try to be relaxed while you are doing this. You have done the hardest task that is covering the space you don’t want to spray, covering windows frames and doors, scraping, repairing the broken parts.

Now you only have to spray your house. But, try not to think that you are spraying your house, think it more as you are just spraying a small part of an object or that you are just doing a few tests, that will help you be more relaxed and using the paint sprayer better.

Don’t worry that you are not a professional, every professional was once a beginner too! So stay calm while spraying and try to follow the tips you have read here and on my other posts.

While you are spraying make sure to move your hand, don’t just keep the hand on the same position for a long time, try to move it every 2 or three seconds, that will prevent you from over-spraying the object.

Try reading the manual to see how far you should stay from the object. I usually stay two or three feet away from the object.

Learn more about how to get better at using paint sprayers

Final words

Paint Spraying your house is a really big and hard task. But you can do it if you follow this guide and if you have the right tools. If you still need help after reading my posts then make sure to check youtube videos as well on how to spray your house.

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